Horse or pony rides

So my DS8 showed some interest in the horse riding at fort wilderness. I looked it up and it says you a have to be 48 inches ( which he is) and 9 years old ( which he will be just shy of for our trip ) I’m not trying to break the rules, so I looked up the pony rides for 2 and over, except for those you cannot be taller than 48 inches. So I guess the in between kids are out of luck? I’m not finding anything else,or am I missing something?

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I’m in the same boat as you so will be watching for replies. DD will be 8.5 on our trip and is already 54 inches and over the weight limit for the ponies. She really wants to ride horses as well and is not happy that her younger brother can ride (ponies) but she cannot do either.

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I’m sure there will be places off site where you can do pony / horse rides whatever size you are, if that helps.

Otherwise it looks like you’re out of luck sadly. I have read that for anyone who’s ever done any riding before, the rides at FW are tame. With the horses it’s very much a guide at the front, a guide at the back and one line of horses walking. Fine for total beginners but not much fun for anyone else.

He is definitely a beginner. He’s Never been on a horse before.

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I’ll probably get flack for this, but as a parent you should just use your judgement. No one at Disney is going to ask your child to break out a birth certificate to ride the horse. You know your child best and if you feel confident and comfortable with him riding the horse then I say let him. The height rule is certainly a safety rule, the age is there to ensure the child is mature enough to ride. If your nearly 9 old son is mature enough, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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I agree with this. There had to be a line, and that’s where Disney has drawn it. But it’s arbitrary - some 8 year olds are very mature and some 10 year olds are not. I’d just do it.

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Thanks! I was waiting for someone to chime in on thoughts of this!! I guess the horseback riding is not linked to your disney tickets or anything like that?

I was lucky enough to grow up with ponies, but many kids will only have the opportunity to try horseback riding on vacation.

My family did the trail ride in June 2016. It was not linked to My Disney Experience even though we made the reservation well in advance. We also did it back in 2007. As others have said, it is completely suitable for beginners with a guide in front and one at the back. There is also a 3rd guide on horseback who can move up and down the line. I have been on other trail rides and this was the most organized one. I was directly behind the front guide both times and enjoyed talking with them about horses. My family really enjoys the leisurely ride through Fort Wilderness. It provides a nice break from the parks.

We also visited the pony corral. All of the pony ride ponies are pretty small.Disney should get a 2 or 3 larger ponies for the taller young kids. I would have been excluded at 8, too (and maybe even 7, I was really tall for my age).

Yeah my 7yo was 53” on our 2012 trip.