Hopping to another park?

Hi! We will be going to Magic Kingdom in the morning and early part of the day on November 22, 2015, and we will leave for a mid-day break. We plan to park-hop to Epcot for dinner reservations that evening but I can’t put that into my customized touring plan. Does anyone know how to do that?


I would think you need to have 2 TPs. One for MK in the morn and one for Epcot in the evening. I do not think you can put 2 parks into one touring plan but can have multiple touring plans for one day!

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Thanks for the response. My next question is: how do I do two touring plans? I tried to edit my Magic Kingdom plan to end at 1:30pm but the program says that there was a problem with my plan. The computer keeps listing attractions at 5pm and 7pm but I won’t be in MK at that time.

Make sure it’s 1:30 pm, not am. I know I’ve had a problem with that. Have you forced times with FP+? Last resort, delete the attractions that are too late, optimize, then add them back in and optimize again.

For the Epcot plan, just start a new plan, setting your arrival time for when you expect to get there. On our last trip we had many days with 2 plans, one for each park.

I have gotten the “there is a problem with your plan” message quite a number of times, for seemingly random reasons. For a major change such as shortening the length of the touring day, it may be easier to just start over using the desired arrival and departure times. And as other have said, create a separate plan for the second park.

We’ve made two plans for one day and it seemed pretty smooth but I will say is have had to dump the plans and start over. Also you can try clearing your browser cache for like the last hour. Sometimes that would help when I saw error messages like that.