Hoping for a full TP not just one day at a time

I just joined TP.com and was hoping to find TPs for 9 or 10 days at a time with park hopper rather than having to plan day-by-day. Are these anywhere and I am missing them?

Welcome! I’m not sure I know what you mean. We usually pick where we want to go each day based on our interests, dining availability, show/firework times, park hours, etc. I’m not sure how TP could know enough about your trip to tell you where to go each day. Why not choose a plan for each day? Or, I even prefer to use the customizable ones.

Hi, I guess I was looking for something more along the lines of “How to do Disney in 10 days,” or “If you have X amount of days, do MK for X days, Epcot for X days, etc.”

Sounds like you want something like this:

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Most of us who do a lot of trip planning do it in 2 separate phases: (1) determine which parks you want to visit on which days, and (2) develop a touring plan for each day.

There are a LOT of variables to take into account on step 1. First is how many days do you want to spend at each park? General wisdom is 2 full days at MK and EP and 1 full day at DHS and AK - which comes out to 6 days. How you work out other days will really depend on which parks hold the most interest for you.

Once you figure out how many days you want to spend in each park, then comes the puzzle of figuring out which parks on which days. The three factors that most people use to determine this are (1) crowd levels, and (2) Extra Magic Hours (EMH) schedules, and (3) park hours. As a general rule of thumb, look for the park with the lowest predicted crowd level for a given day. EMH is a benefit available to people staying at a Disney resort that allows them to either enter a park an hour early or stay in the park a couple of hours late. If you are staying on-site, I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of these - especially the AM ones. If staying off-site I HIGHLY recommend avoiding these - again, especially the AM ones. For park hours, it’s simply the park that is open the longest will give you the best “bang for your buck”. And with hoppers, you could do an AM EMH at one park, and then hop to a different park that has later PM hours. I generally recommend having this done prior to 180 days before your visit so you have a basic game plan for selecting ADRs.

There are a few other factors that may affect your decision as to what park to visit on what day: (1) ADRs, and (2) FPPs. There may be a specific restaurant in a park at which you REALLY want to eat, but only has ADRs available on 1 or 2 days of your trip. In this case, you may rearrange the order of your park visits to accomodate your ADRs. FPPs can have the same effect; if you can only get one for a “must-do” attraction on a certain day, then you may want to alter your schedule to accomodate that. For the record, I never alter my schedule for FPPs, and only rarely for ADRs.

Once you have the basic “sleleton” of your trip worked out, then you can work on TPs for each day. This is a whole separate art/science, and I’ll let someone else take over from here… :slight_smile:


welcome! TP does have some general touring plans that you can use and apply for your days. Planning Disney can be pretty overwhelming. There’s really no set “here’s how to to do it” because what’s important for you may not be a priority for others. There are so many different ways to tour WDW and the various parks that comprise it. That’s where the customizable plans are key. You can tailor your days to fit you.

You came to the right place though for help.

Feel free to keep asking questions.

welcome - are you just going to do theme parks or water parks and other attractions at WDW or in the area as well? Are you planning on 9-10 WDW theme park days? Do you have kids with you? Ages? What time of year are you going? Do you have any interest of being at the pool?
TP offers pre-made 2 day touring plans for individual parks: you could take the 2 day plan for MK and Epcot each, take a 1 day plan for HS and split into 2 days allowing for some pool time, one day for AK, 1 day each for water parks if interested and weather permits with maybe some more time at MK and WS Epcot for dinner/repeat attractions or other resort events such as HDDR.

@arizonacampbells, there are a lot of us here that love to ask questions and then help you decide what days to spend at each park. From there you can create touring plans, if you’d like. Give as much info as you want: dates, how many in your groups, kids ( ages), on site or off, ADRs made…l