Hope that Oga's reservation opens up or chance switching HS day?

Hi! This will be our first trip back since Covid. It was originally meant to be my daughter’s graduation trip, and my 20th anniversary trip. Galaxy’s Edge is top priority for us. I even booked the first three days of our trip at HS to give us more chances to try for a boarding group. Our dining opened today. I wasn’t sure if I should go for Savi’s or Oga’s first, but I went with Savi’s. I then quickly grabbed Oga’s. About a minute later, I realized that I reserved Oga’s on a day that isn’t a HS day, and the time is before our park hopping time. So sadly, I was a big failure. HS is still available that day. Should I chance switching my park passes around, or hope that Oga’s opens up? I have it on the reservation finder. I’m very hesitant to cancel a park reservation. Thanks!

I would wait - res finder is typically pretty reliable and with all the changes, good chance in them opening up reservations just based on letting more people in

I’m still pretty hopeful for one to open for me in late June

Thanks! That’s what I’m thinking. I shouldn’t panic.

I also wonder if people are holding multiple because of either not yet having a DHS res or not committing to one DHS day until they get a ROTR BG. So I’m also thinking some will open up closer I get to travel dates as people solidly their plans.

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Very possible. I held two on the same day, one afternoon and one at closing, until the last minute in March. I even forgot I still had both and missed the 24 hr mark, so then just decided to see how the HS day was going to decide which to keep. Cancelled the first one in person at the door about an hr before res, no fee, kept the night one. Feel bad for hoarding, but then again not really. It just helped walk-up non-planners instead of planners, and they need a break once in awhile too.

I would definitely keep the DHS reservation you have. They are much harder to get than an Oga’s. You still have plenty of time to get your Oga’s, since I’m guessing you’re 60 days out. GL! It’ll be fine!

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So there’s hope for me? I have the reservation finder looking on my HS day end of June. I have one set to look for time set to lunch and one at dinner. Is it better to search for a specific time?

Thanks, everyone! I should have gone for Oga’s first. I’ll be on the hunt now!

Use mouse dining too!!!

Well, that didn’t take long! I was able to get an Oga’s reservation for all 6 of us. I’m glad I didn’t mess with my other plans!


Congratulations! Did you use the ressie finder? I’ve had it set and mousedining for weeks and no luck

No, it wasn’t the reservation finder. I just kept checking myself. Good luck!


Last week on Wednesday (5/12), I set up reservation finder to find me an Oga’s opening on this coming Wednesday (5/19) just to see if reservations do open up. Indeed they do, as I got the text alert last night for a really nice 7:30 pm opening!


I have had both spots set up for Ogas for a few weeks but maybe more luck as I get closer. :crossed_fingers:t2: