Hoop Dee Doo Seating/Dining Plan

I’m making ADRs for our Feb/March trip. We will be trying the Hoop Dee Doo Review one night and wanted to know which would be the best seating option.
It will be 4 of us (myself, DH, DS5, DD2) and we will be on the regular Dining Plan. I read on another site that the Dining Plan is only good for Categories 2 and 3 seating. Is that accurate?

Anyone have a seating preference? (Taking into consideration that we will be on the DDP.)

For the last show - 8:30 - you can use the DDP for Category 1. Otherwise, you are correct, it only works for 2 & 3.

I have only tried 1, but we are trying Category 2 on our next trip. Liners have assured me that it will be fine. I can report back in just a couple of weeks, YAY!

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Thanks! I hope you have a great time!
Since my kids will only be 5 and 2 (almost 3) when we go, we will try for the earliest show - and then maybe hit up the Chip-n-Dale campfire afterwards if they aren’t too exhausted! :slight_smile:

Good idea! I had actually planned to do the early show, but then I realized that since we booked it for our arrival day, it was a bit risky if we had any travel delays. So I changed it to 8:30. Of course, all the category 1 seats were sold out, so I ended up with Category 2 anyway. It will definitely be a late night even for my DS10 and DD7, but the one positive is that they have buses ready to go back to the hotel for that show, so we won’t need to wait for the boat.

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Related question: does anyone know if there is just one row of tables in the balcony? Meaning - would we definitely be seated against the railing as opposed to potentially behind another table?

We had category 3 seats this past January. Yes, @egkleinmann, the seating in the balcony for category 3 is just a single row. It’s a bit unusual though in that your back is to the balcony to eat (and face the table). But, you just sort of pivot your chair around to watch the show. It’s a little tight upstairs and a little dark, so consider that when booking.

We’re going again this January and I splurged for the category 1 so we could be on the main floor. If category 3 was the only thing available though, I still would have booked it. It’s that good of an experience.

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I liked the balcony, because you’re “safe” from being chosen to be part of the show. But maybe that’s just introverted me!

Biggest regret was that I drove, so couldn’t fully appreciate the endless refills of very cold beer! After one, I switched to iced tea :frowning:


Yes, this is a good one not to drive to. We took the advice of Liners and immediately asked for a pitcher of beer, rather than wait for individual refills. This was a great plan and I highly recommend!

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Good tip to request a pitcher! We will be going on our last night so will be ready to whoop it up! And we definitely won’t be driving - unless the captain puts us at the helm of the boat back to BLT!


Ooh…I’m gonna request a pitcher of sangria! woo hoo!!