Hoop dee doo review

Hi all… Looking for some input. Party of 9 on meal plan. I want to book the HDDR. Can it be booked with the meal plan? It keeps coming up to charge cc online. I know it’s 2 credits. Is it better to do 2 credits for category 2, or pay and get category 1?

You can book it with the Meal plan. If you want to make sure it doesn’t get charged when you reserve it you can call and they can definitely apply it toward the DP. Can’t really comment on it’s value being 2 credits but I’m sure others can help with an opinion.

Yea we’ve never done it, but it gets great reviews, so was thinking of doing it. Parks close early when we are there, so thought it would be fun! I just don’t know if I want to pay $400 for it. That’s why I am debating meal plan, and paying OOP for other meals

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Would you choose HDDR or Pirates and Pals cruise?

@MagicMN is a good person to answer that. She’s a big fan of both.

@jenmckenna80… we love HDDR and try to do it every trip. We usually do Cat 1 just because we like the location of the seats for the show. We usually always go with the dining plan and will pay OOP for any signature meals or shows that require to credits. I feel we get more value using them to cover other meals. Have fun!!!

@jenmckenna80 You get far more interaction and band for your buck with HDDR. It really is a “only in Disney” activity. Great food that appeals to 99.9% of people too. You can book using the Dining Plan and will need to call in order to do it. I will admit I’ve never use DDP at the HDDR, but it would be the same type of booking as at CRT - call it in to use your credits.

We did P&P with Niter & Wifey in June - you really couldn’t ask for a better group. The view was beautiful and it was so nice to have a reserved seat. But, you are stuck on the boat. They do a great job entertaining you and keeping it fun, but you are on the boat till the trip is over. We are boat people - we have access to them and go out frequently so the appeal of being on a boat wasn’t there for us. You get the same boat experience taking the launch to get to the campground. Do the later show and you will also see the water parade. There is a great bar with wonderful deck next to the HDDR and we tend to go early / stay later and hang out there. Some video games but also outside playground. Check your dates and schedule and the campfire might coincide to your time.

Just asked DS10 and he votes HDDR way better than P&P.

You technically could split HDDR and use credits for half the people in your group and OOP for the other half.

I always book Category 3. For the early and late shows it likely will not sell out. They consolidate all the tables together versus leaving empty areas between. When they do that you get migrated from Cat 3 into Cat 2 and at the 4pm Cat 1. But HDDR is always best when the place is packed - more singing, more rowdy crowd.

Long post cut short - I vote HDDR. Pay 1/2 OOP and 1/2 DDP.


@beachmom @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 and @magicmn thanks so much for your input :slight_smile: long story short, pay OOP and category 2 (8:15 show)?


Go with Category 3 - even if you don’t get moved Cat 3 is right on the rail for everyone and EVERYONE gets a front row seat!


Great info! Thanks everyone. We are doing HDDR for the first time in Sept. I am hoping my DD4 will enjoy it.

Ok! Have to see if I need to do HDDR with my 4 and 9 year old. Thinking strongly about it. I have fond childhood memories of it. How much will DS4 enjoy it do you think? He’s an average active boy.

HDDR is awesome for littles.

  1. Take the boat there
  2. Let them play on the play set near…
  3. The pre show bar area at the outpost
  4. Walk over & visit the HUGE horses in the barn (Main Street & carriage rides horses(
  5. Visit Cinderella’s ponies just past the big horses - not sure on how pony rides work, but worth a google
  6. And there’s HDDR - everyone is singing & moving so squirming is 100% ok - great food!!!

I’m not sure what the price difference is between Cat 2/3 and Cat 1, but if you can swing it, I would recommend Category One. I’ve seen the show about five times. Twice on the floor (Category 1) and three times on the balcony (Category 2), and have much preferred the floor and am going back again at the end of August. We just seemed to be more a part of the action and had more fun downstairs. That said, I know some people prefer the balcony for just the reason – it’s easier to be left alone up top. Whichever you choose, it’s a great time. Just go expecting silly and fun.

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That’s a good point @Beachmom01 I was wondering whether to pay OOP for HDDR as we will also be usin 2 credits for narcoossees and (hopefully) CRT. :sparkling_heart:

DS was 4 when we went last yr and he loved it. I think we might have been upgraded though as we were on the floor and was meant to be cat 2. We all loved it in fact.

We booked cat 1 for the 830 show. Was $50 more than cat 2 for all of us, so went for the splurge. When spending that much ( 9 people) figured might as well.

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You are going to be very happy with your choice. Great fun!

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I am now hosting 28 people at the HHDR on Easter Sunday! Thanks for the tips about what to do before., and I am booking on my 180-day the best seats in category 1. All other tips for a large party are welcome. How many can sit at a table usually?


My DD went when she turned 5 in April so she was a “new” 5 year old. She loved it and randomly brings up things about it in conversation. It really was something we all enjoyed. Most kids love music, clapping, singing…so it was a hit!