Hoop Dee Doo from EPCOT

We are planning an ADR in June 2018 for Hoop Dee Doo on our EPCOT day. What is the fastest way to get there from EPCOT and how long should we plan for transportation? I was thinking the monorail to the TTC to MK then a boat to the FW boat dock and walk to Pioneer Hall or a bus to FW where we have to wait for another bus to take you to Pioneer Hall.


Have you seen this tool? http://www.ourlaughingplace.com/aspx/twiz.aspx

Though, they don’t have monorail to boat here (because technically it would be monorail to monorail to boat) I think bus would definitely be faster, but certainly not as “cool”.


Personally I’d monorail from Epcot to The contemporary resort and take the boat to fort wilderness from there. When staying at the Fort this was our preferred method of travel.

Also keep in mind that if you bus over, you will need to switch an internal bus when arriving at the fort because it’s a long walk from the bus drop off to the building where the show takes place.(edit, I guess you already knew this)

As for how much time to give yourself. 60 minutes is my general rule.


Great advice. We’re staying at the Fort in May and little tips like this are helpful. Thanks @cjandandrea.

By the way, how long would that take you from Ft. Wilderness Marina to Epcot?

You want the blue flag boats, there are two of them and they go in opposite directions, one goes clockwise and the other goes counter clockwise, boats take probably 15 minutes to travel and you can wait up to another 15-20 for the boats themselves however when we were there the boats we’re usually just pulling up so we go lucky.

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