Hoop Dee Doo from CR?

Quick question for those in the know: We plan to take the boat from Contemporary Resort (where we are staying) to Fort Wilderness for the Hoop Dee Doo Review. For the 6:15pm show, what time should we be at the dock? 5:30pm? Thanks!

(First time for HDDR. I have my reservations, but going because we have to do it once, right? And I think my corny humor loving DS9 will laugh out loud love it…Plus, beer and fried chicken, so…)

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If you want to get your photo done before you go in, you’ll want to be there by 5:45 at the latest.

When you go to the boat dock, you can get either boat that comes, they just go the opposite way round the lake. So one goes direct, the other stops at WL first.

But there can be more people waiting than get on, especially if you getbthe direct one, since it’s coming from WL. So I would be at the dock by 5pm, in case you have to wait.

And if ther’s reports of lightning in the area, go back to the MK bus stop and get the bus round to FW instead.

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It does tale a while once you get there so you won’t get left out. Liked stated, there are two boats that go across and one of them makes two stops and you get off at the second stop. Tell the crew you are going to HDDR and they will direct you.

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