Hoop Dee Doo category 1

Has anyone used the dining plan for Hoop Dee Doo to get category 1 seating for the 8:30 PM show? I thought I had read that you can use the dining plan for category 1 as long as you go to the 8:30 PM show; however, now I can not find that information.

Just checked on the official site. Looks like they have changed it for this year, only category 2 or 3 now. :frowning:

You’re right that you used to be able to. Even on the 2016 plan it was category 1 seating at 8:30pm.

Category 2 is not bad either and 3 is kind of cool as well as you get to look down on everything

I was able to Book category 1 with the dining plan
for September for the 8:30pm show.

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There seems to be conflicting info even on Disney’s own site.


I think you can book cat. 1 for 8:30 show as it also let me book it with my dining plan. If anyone has done this recently can you please confirm.