Hoop Dee Do Revue Dining Plan Entitlements

Warning: Hoop Dee Do Revue will take Disney Dining Plan table service credits (2) per person from whoever makes the reservation, even if your Hoop party spans includes people not on your reservation. For example, 14 table service credits are taken from a 3 adult, 5 night hotel reservation for a 7 person Hoop reservation. Those three adults now just have one table service credit for their entire stay. Unless they go to the front desk of their resort and have the cast member allocate the Hoop TS deductions to other reservations.

I don’t think that’s unusual though I can see why it may have been confusing for you.

When you make a reservation such as this you secure it with your dining plan credits - however many people it is for - or you pay via credit card to secure the reservation.

I hope there will be a way to sort it out. I would definitely inquire. But that’s why it happened. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That is correct. When using the Dining Plan, I always make sure I let my server know how many credits we plan to use for the meal and how many we want to pay out of pocket.

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