Hoop De Doo with toddler?

Thoughts on going to this show with a toddler? My older daughter will be 6 and I think she would love it- I’ve never seen it but it looks right up her alley. My other daughter will be 15 months. I’m woneeding if we should split up and leave her at the room. Has anyone brought their toddler to this? Too long for such a little one? All advice appreciated!

Hi aurorasmommy!
If your little one does well in restaurants in generals (sitting in a high chair), she will be fine. There is a lot of interaction between the cast members and the audience. I think you will find it to be a great family fun dinner.

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The show moves very quickly and they are efficient with bringing the food. Does your child do well with lots of noise and activity? I would take her. If she is not loving it, one of you can go outside with her for breaks. There is music, and my daughter always loved music as a toddler.

We took DS4 and he was not happy. He did not like the food and just wanted to leave. We left early. That said we did end up having to take him to urgent care for an ear infection

Be aware that you can ask for other food for kids. We got DD a hot dog.

Thanks everyone! I think we will bring her. She does pretty well and can usually make it through dinner. If need be we will take a break outside. I’m so excited for this, I’ve never done it before!

It is wicked fun

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My question to you is where are you staying which resort? Fort Wilderness is not easy to get to by boat or bus. If you decide to go attend the early show. Personally I would not take the baby and just take your daughter who will enjoy it.

We are staying at the poly. Boat was recommended to me, Poly :arrow_right: MK :arrow_right: Fort Wilderness. And then I read that they will boat you straight back to poly after the show. We are booked for the earlier show on the first level. I think we might play it by ear and see how she’s feeling. She is free because she’s under 3 so if she ends up not being able to come, we will only have to scrap one adult ticket. Thank you for your thoughts!!