Hoop De Doo vs. Backyard BBQ

We have done HDDR before but not BYB. Interested in trying something new but the family LOVES HDDR. Is BYB worth doing or would we be disappointed after loving HDDR? Traveling with 3 grandparents, DH and two kids (11 and 5). TIA!

We have not done hoop de doo yet so I cannot compare but my family loved backyard bar-b-que!! I have 2 granddaughters that were almost 4 when we went. They loved dancing with the characters and liked the guy doing the rope tricks. It was very laid back so they could run around and not have to sit quietly like in a nicer restaurant. The food was pretty good. We had seen some bad reviews but we were pleasantly surprised. It is a back yard bar b que so the food was appropriate. We weren’t signing up for incredible food but for the atmosphere but we enjoyed the meal. My girls took pictures with all the characters , danced, clapped with the music and then enjoyed a little playground afterwards just down the path. Like I said, I cannot compare but it was a really fun night for our family

When is important. One has A/C and one is open air. August or September would be hot at MBYBBQ

That is true. Our family went the first part of December and it was dark early so it actually was a little cool. But I agree that it would not have been as fun if it would have been 90 degrees and humid!!

We’ve done both. The food is virtually the same so the choice you need to make is do you want to see the dinner theater(in A/c) or dance(outside) with the Fab 5.

I think the BBQ is really only worth it if the kids will go crazy dancing with Mickey and the gang, and on the same hand the Review, is better for older children, my DD3 didn’t really enjoy the review the way she did the BBQ

Thanks, @AuntB_luvsDisney. We are going in November.

Thank you! I think mine might be a little old to enjoy the dancing (at least, my 11yo won’t do it at all). If that’s the main focus of BBQ, we may be better off with the one we already know and love.

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