Hoop-De-Doo seating area?

We are staying at WL and would like to have dinner at Hoop-de-doo, I have a 5 year old, and had heard that the balcony was easier for kids to see… what level of seating should I choose? We are using our dining credits, so level 1 is not an option.


If not level 1 then I would do the balcony.

Thank you, I looked at the seating chart and part of balcony is level 2 and the other part is level 3. I just booked level 2, hopefully we will be in a good area to see!
How long before the show starts should we arrive? Is 30 minutes good?

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I think you are required to arrive at least 30 minutes ahead. Get there a smidge earlier and look around at the horse barns and such!

Thank you! We are staying at WL, so I’m pretty excited about taking the boat over to Fort Wilderness. This is our first ever trip and I am SO EXCITED!


I did the Hoop De Do Review last Sept with our grandson of 16. It is a diamond in the ruff. We LOVED it. The food is served country style with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and fried chicken. They come with buckets of food and just keep filling them up. The show is great!!! When you take the boat over be sure to tell the crew your going to the Hoop De Do Review as it is a different stop than the wilderness lodge. In all honesty this beats the heck out of the Aloha Dinner. What a waste of time and money. Your whole family will love Hoop De Doo. I know it is definitely a place we will go back to on our next trip. :yum:


Thank you for the tips! I love reading the good reviews about HDDR, I am so excited to experience it!

Two more Diamonds in the ruff. The first is in MK. If you wish to go to a place where it’s like being at Thanksgiving Dinner, try the Liberty Square Tavern. No it’s not a Tavern at all, but an old style dinning room as back in the George Washington days. Second is Cape May’s Café in the Beach Club resort. If you love seafood this is the place to go. Crab legs that are steamed and not lying in water. Stacks of them and all you can eat. Cold shrimp the size of your tumb, and claim chowder to die for. Many other things as well as it is a buffet. :heart_eyes:


The more I learn about WDW, the more I’m sure I need to plan another trip! Thank you for the suggestions, anything I can’t fit in this time, goes into the “future plans” folder :slight_smile:

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