Hoop-De-Doo Revue returning


For those who don’t want to click the article, the date announced (by Disney via Disney Parks Blog) is 6/23.


Thanks! I hate when articles don’t put the info in the headline. Understandable why not, but I always appreciate when people post stuff to abstract the details.


More good news! We will miss it by a a few weeks in June but putting on our must do in Oct!

exciting- its been on my list. Hope I’ll be able to book it! If not, there’s always next time!


This is such great news on so many levels.

I’m super happy for all the fans (self included) of this fantastic, fun dinner show.

But I’m especially happy for the cast members who finally get to get back to doing what they love!


Now I need to figure out if I can do this in July.

I’ve heard reservations are really hard to get. I’d love to do this on NYE.

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Now that it’s coming back after so long, I’m sure it will be hard to get.

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My thoughts exactly :rofl: I sang this song in my head when I heard the wonderful news

Did anyone try for this this morning?

I heard it was the typical Disney IT clusterheck but I mock-reserved several reservations across multiple dates and could have gotten them; I did everything except confirm and pay.

I did get forced to select guests to add to the reservation whereas with other dining I can leave that blank (and modify later if I so choose). Others were saying they weren’t forced.

What did you try for? Did you get it?

Just booked for 7/21

Level 1 tickets were unavailable for our time (6:15pm), so Level 2 will have to do.

It asked for the rest of my party, but the “next” button was active so I didn’t have to identify them (similar to my experience booking regular dining).

So excited that I finally get to see this after 40+ years of trips to WDW!


When I tried to advance without identifying them I got an error message and it wouldn’t let me go further without picking people.

Totally nuts

I got ours, July 13th for 8 of us, Cat 1. Had to enter my people, showed prices for adults/children. Do those who had to enter people have APs? Thought maybe that is why :woman_shrugging:t4:who knows with the cluster it was for the first 30 minutes…

I did identify the other person. I assumed I would be able yo move forward because the button was live (and sometimes during the process it isn’t).

It would make sense that we would be forced to identify the other guests due to adult/child pricing.

I have an AP, but my friend that is going doesn’t. I wasn’t asked, but both ticket types are linked to our accounts.

anyone know if it’s actually full capacity or is it doing the Space 220 nonsense? where reservations are extremely limited but the place is like 1/3 full when you go in.

(though thinking on it, i doubt anyone here would really know other than ease of getting reservations)

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No, and to answer the next logical question, I have no people on my fam/friends who are under 10

Although both of my children are on via my account, not verified on their own account so maybe that’s a differentiator

Hi! I’ve never been before and am helping a friend with her trip. I was wondering - 1. Is it bookable the same as other dining (7am/60 days)? I know some experiences open for booking at midnight so I wanted to check. 2. How do you feel about the different tiers, is main floor definitely better? Thanks for any help!!

You can book at 60 but it’s hard to get at 60. I’m not sure how far out you need to go. Hopefully others can weigh in.

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