Hoop De Do Review

Any idea when this will re open?

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I know nothing, but had to weigh in to say how fabulous this show is. I went with my mom and we had the best time!

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This is on my bucket list. I would have to figure out how to fit it in the schedule!!

I know I’m in the minority, but it was a one and done for me


We enjoyed it, but for the price (either cash or Dining plan credits) I wouldn’t do it again.

well I guess I am just a country boy, because the fried chicken, corn on the cob, beans served family style while watching the hillbilly show was great. I ate till I was full and tried to hold it all in while laughing my head off. Great fun!


As far as price goes I sit and watch while hordes of people shuck out $165 a person for three hours of Halloween celebration at the Boo Bash. Talk about a waste of money. Everybody to their own.

Funny memory at HDR: our family was there for DDs 14th birthday :birthday: and they came around with a mic and asked his old she was. “24!” She proclaimed. Laughter every where. :crazy_face:🥸 or maybe you had to be there :smirk:


….ok…didn’t mean to offend…I was just agreeing with another poster that it’s not on our repeat list.

But yes, different strokes for different folks. I thought that was kind of a given around here.


Wondering too. I’d like to check it out once, hoping it may be open I still have a few weeks before my trip[. I was a big fan of the all you can eat BBQ at Disneyland before they built Star Wars Land. Big Thunder Ranch BBQ I think it was. HDD seems like it’s pretty much the same food, with even more entertainment.

I’m not interested in it either. I’m definitely a city girl, and don’t find it remotely interesting.
But that’s why they make menus! I don’t think poorly of people who like it, it’s just not my style.

I wish they would bring it back! It is one of my families favorites!