Hong Kong Disneyland

Does anyone know where to get good Hong Kong Disneyland & Shanghai Disneyland tips from past travelers? Summer trip 2018 going to both! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Specifically looking at: I read somewhere if you stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel in a Kingdom Club Room you get 4 FASTPASSes? Is this accurate; can you use them all immediately back to back? If this is true I’m thinking we start in Adventureland first thing in the morning, to Toy Story Land, to Mystic Point to Grizzly Gulch using the 4 FASTPASSes on Toy Story Solider Parachute Drop, RC Racer, Mystic Manor and Runaway Mine Cars and then doing the Spectacular Tour in the afternoon to skip the lines for everything in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland and for show/parade preferred viewing? Would this be a way to beat the heat and skip the lines and do it all in one day in July? Thanks!

It sounds good… but I have no experience to validate the reality of the plan. Wish I could help!

There have to be at least a few liners here who know a thing or three about HKDL…

Hate to reference Disboards, but they have a pretty good international section! I’ve been referencing it a bit for Paris

Tips I’ve heard of for HK,
Get the park app, shows wait times for rides, places to eat etc.
Buy park tickets before you go.
Try to visit on a weekday as weekends are super busy.
It will be very hot and humid in the summer.
There are quite a few websites out there giving you tips and hints.
Good luck!

Thanks, we have tickets (thru hotel reservations) and we are going on a Monday. I’m trying to avoid the heat as much as possible by choosing the Kingdom Club Room as I’ve read it comes with 4 Priority Passes and reserved seating for Mickey and the Wondrous book first show and when it’s available I’d like to book the three hour Spectacular Tour to skip the lines and have priority seating for any other shows (like the new Moana show we can’t see in the states) at 3pm. I’m trying to figure out which rides I should use the priority passes on in the morning and which to do in the afternoon with the VIP Tour.
These are the rides/shows I’m most interested in either because they are different, best rides or just personal faves (like my daughter loves Winnie the Pooh):

  1. Hyperspace Mountain
  2. Ironman Experience
  3. Mickey and the Wondrous Book (show)
  4. “it’s a small world” (as I read it had a different ending special to Hong Kong)
  5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (daughter’s favorite Disney character)
  6. Fairytale Forest (walk thru)
  7. Jungle River Cruise (also a different ending to ours)
  8. Moana: A Homecoming (new show)
  9. Mystic Manor
  10. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
  11. “Disney Paint the Night” Parade (I have not seen the Cali Version as it wasn’t there when I was last)

*After really looking at the Toy Story Land rides and knowing we are going to spend 2 days at Shanghai Disneyland, I think we could skip them here. They all seem like slow loaders without a lot of visual stimuli like dark rides and all of them except the Toy Story Soldier Parachute drop will have a version in Shanghai. Toy Story Soldier Parachute Drop reminds me very much of the jelly fish ride at DCA which my daughter claimed was boring last time we went (I believe she was 7 or 8 and now she’ll be 11).

All of these rides except Jungle River Cruise we can get one of our four priority passes for and we get reserved seating for the Wondrous book show so now I’m thinking we should do Jungle Cruise and Moana in the afternoon on the tour since we can’t skip the lines there otherwise and do something like this with park hours guessing of 10am-8pm?
1)Ironman Experience with Priority Pass (PP#1)
2)Hyperspace Mountain (PP#2)
3)“it’s a small world” (PP#3)
4)The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (PP#4)
5) Fairytale Forest walk thru
6) Mickey and the Wondrous Book (Adding it in wherever the first show is and then continuing on)
7) Explorers Club Restaurant lunch (I read this was the best restaurant in the park)
8) *Maybe some kill time to do walk thrus like Gardens of Wonder, or splash areas like Geyser Gulch after late lunch
9) @3pm-6pm Spectacular Tour skipping lines including:
10) Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
11) Mystic Manor
12)Jungle River Cruise
13) Moana: A Homecoming (adding it in plan whenever appropriate by time)
14)6pm Plaza Inn sit down dinner (seems the best of the three table service options) - I’ve already made reservations for this though I can change them
15)8pm “Disney Paint the Night” Parade

If anyone has any tips that can redirect me I’d love it! Hong Kong doesn’t appear to put out their hours/show schedule till a week before :frowning: which is hard for a typical WDW or DLR touringplans user! LOL

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I live in Hong Kong. I can’t tell you much about our Disneyland in terms of a park itinerary, but I can tell you that our summers are horrid. You’ll face the heat, humidity, torrential rain and most unfortunately, horrible crowds.

Do try to plan a conservative day and pack water, sun hats, etc. Above all, wish you and family a terrific time in our city.

Hi! Thanks for the weather tips! Luckily we are used to the hot weather in Texas and some humidity in Austin, and from our travels to Florida, Louisiana and Houston. Rain we can also work around with ponchos and indoor activities. But crowds are what I’m most interested in avoiding. Unfortunately, July-Aug was the only time we could visit China. I have booked a Kingdom Club Room and the Disney website does confirm we get 4 priority passes for rides and special seating for one show for booking this room and I have confirmed you get skip the line privileges with the VIP tour and a ticket for a special area to see the nighttime parade so I hope that will help us to deal with that. I’ve also made us dinner reservations at a table service restaurant for dinner.

For the rest of our time in Hong Kong, I’ve booked Hello Hong Kong private walking guided tours (Lantau Island one day and Hong Kong itself the other). Hopefully, they can help us to avoid the worst of summer vacationers but there will be some places we visit that will be very touristy of course. I’m walking into this trip expecting crowds almost every where we go. We are also spending 16 nights in mainland China with a stop at Shanghai Disneyland which I’ve read is even more crowded than Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s a learning adventure and we go with open minds and we’ll be flexible.