Homecomin at 60+ what

What’s the likelihood I can get Homecomin’ dinner on day 61? I’m not above doing a leading reservation if I need to. I only have two days of resort only time before my cruise and really want to try Homecomin.

It will be challenging, and you’ll need to be flexible about your timing

But I will also say that it’s one of the restaurants that I have often been able to reschedule/snag closer to my trip almost more than any other.

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I have been trying for 3 months to get a Homecomin’ brunch reservation… they only serve brunch on Sat/Sun. NO luck. Well got a notification from TP res finder at 0555hrs one morning, that I missed b/c I was asleep but it was gone by the time I followed up at 0645hrs. I have seen other times for lunch and dinner but the times didn’t work for us. GOOD LUCK!

Yes, that is a very specific time frame, limited days.

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I decided to do the City Works & Pour House Brunch instead of Homecomin’ brunch for that reason. Figured I’d have better luck with Homecomin’ dinner. Lots of lunch times seem to pop up but I’m really hoping for dinner.

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I would do the leading reservation. So much peace of mind. Totally worth it.

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How many days do I need? Can I get it at 64? Current actual check in is 10/9 and I want the ADR for 10/10.

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Personally I would do the full 10 because it doesn’t cost any more to have more days - a leading reservation costs one day as a refundable deposit.

But I think 4-5 days should be enough to give you some options.