Holy Moly! I am so overwhelmed with FP!

Hi! I am so overwhelmed with picking and scheduling our fast passes. We are 126 days out so I have plenty of time to figure it out but it is frustrating! Of course I know this is a good problem to have, I just want to make the most of our time. At this point I would pay someone to tell me what to do step by step. I have our dates, parks and reservations figured out. I know what we want to do… my kiddos are both 12 years old and we all love fast rides! Is there anyone bored that would be willing to TELL me what FP to schedule, etc.? We are driving and have a split stay July 26-31. 2 nights Pop, 3 nights Polynesian. 6 day park hopper. We are early risers and plan to use EMH.
This is our tentative itinerary:
July 26 - Arrive at Pop around 10 am to check-in/leave bags. Off to MK for the day… It is our tradition to always go to MK the day we arrive.
7:30 Beaches and Cream dinner reservations. Wander around Epcot after dinner?
July 27 - Hollywood Studios. 7:10 Sci-Fi dinner reservations.
July 28 - Epcot (switch to Polynesian)
July 29 - Magic Kingdom. 11:25 Be Our Guest lunch reservations.
July 30 - Animal Kingdom
July 31 - Leaving in afternoon. 8:30 Ohana character breakfast. Couple of hours at the MK.

Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ - it has a strategy for incorporating FPP reservations into your personalized TPs.

Why not have the TP software pick your FPPs?

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I agree! I guess I need to slow down and read the directions. LOL, I am having trouble figuring that part out. Thank you!

I can tell you what I’d do, and you can use it or refuse it as the needs of your party dictate, lol!

July 26 - I’d go for the Festival of Fantasy parade if you can get it, along with whichever two rides your kids are most revved up for, since you won’t be back to MK until the 29th.

July 27 - Hit Aerosmith first thing, then shoot for 9AM Toy Story, 10AM Tower of Terror, and 11AM Star Tours. Then, sometime between 11 and noon, you can try to get a fourth FP+ for Great Movie Ride. Pretty much everything else is shows.

July 28 - Hard to say, since we’re not sure yet exactly how Frozen Ever After will go with FP+ (or if your kids would even be interested). Test Track for sure, so maybe you can do it once during EMH, and again later in the day?

July 29 - You can probably hit Splash and Big Thunder during EMH, so maybe Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan in the morning, and maybe Space Mountain after lunch? Then you can try for bonus FP+es at Jungle Cruise, Buzz Lightyear, etc.?

July 30 - You’ll probably be able to hit Dinosaur and Everest during EMH, so I’d go for Kilimanjaro early, Everest again later on, and Rivers of Light if you can get it. It sounds like RoL might be worth a FP+ since the amphitheater is relatively small.

July 31 - Your kids’ favorites.

Just a note- it was announced today that both the parades and Wishes in MK have been removed from FPP, so they will need to pick something else in MK.

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Good catch! I hadn’t heard that.

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I had not heard that, either! So will there by no designated viewing areas now?

Nope. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another announcement of VIP viewing for $$$$$ though, or another expensive dessert party. They aren’t going to just give those areas away for free based on their recent high price events, like $150 for 3 hours in MK that was just announced.

No advice beyond what the others have said, but we’ll be there the same week if you’re interested in sharing a memory maker. :slight_smile: