Hollywood & Vine PPO with Galaxy's Edge

Hi there. We are visiting Hollywood Studios mid-November, park opens at 9am. Would 8am breakfast at Hollywood & Vine be a good strategy for getting to front of the line for Smuggler’s Run?

Welcome! Please ask anything & ask often!!

You’ll be fine. MFSR really isn’t a a long queue, even now with its “just opened” popularity. The ride was designed to have a high capacity. The waits rarely get above 60 minutes in the morning - often less (especially if you go Single Rider)

You’d do better to use that time to go to SDD, if you are interested in riding that at all. The waits there get to be 90+ quickly in the morning and don’t really go down. Plus, that queue is outdoors and barely covered with much shade.

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

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