Hollywood to Anaheim- Can't drive/Won't drive

Hoping someone can help! How realistic are my chances of getting a reasonably priced (I.e. no surge pricing, I know the ride itself will be fairly pricey) uber or lyft back to my anaheim hotel after a performance at the hollywood bowl? I’m reading conflicting reports with some people being sceptical of finding a driver willing to do the journey. Basically my mum has her heart set on seeing the sing a long sound of music in September and I can’t drive while she is unwilling. We will be spending the entirety of our time apart from that one event in anaheim itself so it doesn’t make sense to book a hotel in Hollywood. I’m just looking for reassurance we won’t be stranded!! (Especially as, from what I can tell, public transport does not seem to run that late)

I can’t imagine no one would take your money, although my guess is you’ll be subject to surge pricing. We did Dodger Stadium to/from Anaheim and had no problem finding an Uber to get us back to Disneyland. I’d presume the Hollywood Bowl would offer a similar experience.

I’d guess your trip “home” would run another 50% or so based on surge pricing, but it does beat the alternative walk by quite a bit…

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This is true. I have read that it helps to walk a little bit to hollywood blvd and hail a ride from there so I might try that

We did that after the Angels game we went too - worked out well to give us an easier pickup spot. No surge pricing on that one but it was an afternoon game & a much different location than Dodger Stadium which has nothing around it.

If you can find a bar/coffee spot nearby you’re comfortable waiting at that could give you the time needed for the surge pricing to pass as well…

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Another option is a bus. There are lots of special buses that travel from outside areas to the Hollywood Bowl. This is to cut down on the traffic.

Here are details about the park & ride program.
Hollywood Bowl Parking, Shuttle & Transportation Info | Hollywood Bowl

You could take a park and ride and since they don’t go all the way to Anaheim, find a cab/uber to Anaheim.

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It will definitely help to walk back to the Hollywood and Highland area, or use a park and ride to get partway. The Bowl can be AWFUL when a concert gets out.


There is special section just for Lyft or Uber pickup after a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, so it should not be too hard to get a ride.

You can also walk from there and get back to Hollywood Blvd and get a ride from there.

It is total chaos at the end of a concert, so take it slowly!