Hollywood Studios worth it for a sensitive 7 year old?

Hi there -

My husband, daughter, and I are planning a trip to Disney World in April. She will be 7 at the time.

My daughter is very bright and mature in some ways but also sensitive. She avoids “scary” stuff and while she likes some older kid stuff, she still enjoys Disney Junior too.

I’m looking for opinions on whether we should go to Hollywood Studios or not. My understanding is that it’s heavy on action and “scary”. She has not seen any of the Star Wars or Indiana Jones, and doesn’t show much interest in them.

At the same time, I see that there are some Disney Junior things…

Thoughts? TIA.

Quick opinion.
Does she like Toy Story?
Does she like the Muppets?

If yes to both, You could do a quick visit - if you’re buying hoppers, I’d lean toward trying to make a bigger effort. Toy Story Midway is a riot, the Muppets 3d show is awesome, and they have the Disney Jr show and meet/greets. You might also want to youtube up Fantasmic, and if you think she’d be up for that (it’s awesome) I’d do a late Famtasmic package lunch, grab fastpasses for Toy Story and whatever else seems to fit, and do a lazy, afternoon tour of Hollywood ending with Fantasmic. I wouldn’t call Indiana Jones scary. There’s some explosions during the action sequences, and there is PLENTY of humor. Really - PLENTY of humor.

If you and the hubby like thrills though - Tower Of Terror is EVERYTHING.

Your question is a good one. I’d say it’s worth a half day. If you think she’d enjoy Fantasmic, and Toy Story Midway, I’d make an effort to spend half of a day.

ETA - AuntB - right on! I forgot about BATB, and the Frozen Sing Along.

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How many days are you at the parks? More than 4? I would do one day. Beauty and the beast, the little mermaid and frozen sign along will all be perfect for her. Toy story mania is good too. Meet Olaf he is wonderful. Meet buzz and woody.

Thanks. We do not have park hopper tickets but we are there for 7 full days. What would you recommend doing with the other half-day if we aren’t at HS all day but also can’t enter another park that day?

I’m planning a full day there with my DD5&7, they won’t do the thrill rides, and don’t know that much about Star Wars, but I think they’ll love it.

Make a touring plan -
Get a list of what you’d like to do at Hollywood.
If it turns out to be a light plan, make it part of an “Easy” day.
Spend the other part in Disney Springs or just chillin at the hotel pool if you can. Perhaps rethink the price of hoppers. Part of the reason I think they have value is to hop to a different park for the nighttime show after a swim break and dinner. I like to rope drop and then leave that park when the crowds are at their peak, then go back - possibly to another park, after the crowds (hopefully) let up a little.

I think you would be surprised at how much there is to do at HS and how long it takes to accomplish it with the show times and length of shows. If you are looking at other things to do after HS though, there is your resort pool, Disney Springs, and the Boardwalk, just to name a few.

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If you plan to see Fantasmic then you could either start early, take a break and then return to the park. In which case you could have a swim in your resort pool, and a bit of a rest.

Or you could make it a late start and then stay through until Fantasmic. You could think about an early lunch at Hollywood &Vine with the Disney Jnr characters to start (I think they’re there for lunch, best check). Or a late breakfast at Cape May (Beach Club) with Minnie Mouse and friends (Donald, Daisy, Pluto) and then take a boat up to DHS. We loved doing this when we stayed at the BC.

When my, now 21-year-old!, was that age, she didn’t like scary things either. Fantasmic would have been WAY too scary for her. WAY!!! When we would watch The Little Mermaid, I ALWAYS had to fast forward through Ursula. That gives you an idea.

Fantasmic is now one of our favorite attractions. So, things change. Touring Plans should be able to help you find things she would like. Toy Story Mania is wonderful for everyone.

I would echo what others have said and do it as a “lighter” day during your trip. I think Toy Story, Olaf and some of the shows would be a lot of fun. I also would say that for a sensitive kid, Fantasmic could definitely be scary. It’s very dark and the snake/dragon can be frightening. The good news is that the wait times diminish during Fantasmic so you could grab an extra ride on Toy Story. Or the idea to head over to the Boardwalk for the evening is a great one too! It is an easy walk or boat ride and you don’t need to get on a bus or back in your car.

My 5 year old found 1 part scary in Fantamic. She just kept her head in my lap and covered her ears. She liked the rest of it.

Other options for HS is Beauty and the Beast show and Little Mermaid show. Use TP as planning around shows can be hard.

I agree about making HS an easy day. Either sleep in late and make FPP for Toy story later or just plan on making it a shorter day and enjoying some time away from parks (at the pool if weather cooperates).