Hollywood Studios week of September 9th 2018?

My 180-day dining date is fast approaching so I was trying to figure out which park for which day so I could make appropriate reservations. The Crowd Calendar has Hollywood Studious as a 1 the entire week of my visit. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but that seems low given that Toy Story land will have been open only a few months by then. Is it really expected to be just a 1?

I’m going that same week and I had the same question! But I figured maybe if I never pointed it out those crowd levels really would stay the same…

I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in the crowd calendars specific to HS for a while until TSL is up and running and there’s some live data to use.

That said, that week seems to be usually pretty light for WDW all around, so you should be fine with any sort of TP ready to go.