Hollywood Studios TP 12/11 - Balancing RotR against everything else for a first-timer

What do you all think about this plan for HS on 12/11? I’ll be with someone who hasn’t been to WDW. RotR is a top priority but I also don’t want it to be at the expense of increased wait times on everything else. My thinking is to use an optimized plan to minimize waits for the other rides yet still allow time to ride RotR. As a plan B for RotR, we have the morning on 12/12 available.

Option 1: Continue with plan optimized as is which allows for RotR in the afternoon acknowledging that estimated wait time may not be realistic. A 3-4 hour wait would no longer be doable at that point in the day in the plan. If that happens, use morning of 12/12 to RD RotR.

Option 2: RD RotR on 12/11 and continue with plan after that, possibly increasing wait times across the board for everything else. Maybe use the morning of 12/12 to catch rides we missed.


I think waiting a few days to see how it “behaves” after it opens will help decide. I’d lean towards option 1, unless ROTR is being particularly finicky in the first few days.


Yeah I agree, morning may be the best option if it proves to be more unreliable as the day goes on.

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It’s already shut down once today. It took 45 minutes just to unload it. Plus, the time it’ll take to cycle the ride and reset.

I’d go in the morning to be safe. Yes… You’ll have to, probably, wait longer than later in the day - if it runs 100% - but the odds are better that you’ll get on.

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I’m currently planning both: I have a tour on our HS day 1 (which doesn’t include RotR) so we’ll try RotR end of day, and then we’ll RD on our HS day 2 with the single goal of getting in a RotR ride since we will have done everything else on day 1. Anyway, that is the plan. Kind of crazy to allocate an entire park day to riding one ride (I do have FPPs for other things if we get lucky in the morning) but I don’t have much choice at this point so I’m rolling with it.


I think I’ll play it the same way and try RotR at the time allotted or end of day and plan for RD on 2nd day if it doesn’t work out.

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Hopefully it’s operating Thursday morning and we have until 2 PM or so to stick it out. If not, at least we gave it try on 2 days.