Hollywood Studios touring in June 2020

Trying to plan our day at HS in June 2020. How do I start? Hard to plan around Rise of Res and current fast pass tiers. Help please…

Honestly, at this point I don’t think you can. There’s so much up in the air. How will they handle Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad? How long will they do Boarding Groups for Rise? Will they introduce FPPs for Milennium Falcon? Will they restructure tiers? I think you’re too far out to plan for HS.


Same situation here for my June 19 - 28th trip.

The only way I am not freaking out about my lack being able to make a Touring Plan is by going to HS twice during our trip.

I am planning on us being at HS one FULL day (RD to close) and rope dropping a second day, to ride RotR hopefully a second time, along with anything else we missed or want to do again until our boarding group is called.

Oga’s was my husband’s favorite experience of the trip, so I’d get that booked as soon as you can if that’s something you’re interested in. We had 6:50pm reservations and scooted back to the 8pm Star Wars fireworks just as it was starting (if that or Fantasmic are important to you, allow accordingly).

Other than that, I’d just be making a priorities list and wait until close to your FP date to have latest data points.

Nobody can plan well for HS right now. You can put together a rough TP based on what you want to do and what the current situation is…but a lot of things may change between now and your trip. Stay on top of the Disneyworld news, understand any changes/new systems they put in place, and hold on for the ride!

I have a trip in May 2020 and I despise HS right now. It has actually been my second favorite park at DW for years, but it is such a mess and so unpredictable. No avoiding it though with Star Wars fans in the house.

I know how you feel. We left for WDW on December 9th, days after ROTR opened. There was no way to finalize a TP. We had a game plan on what we wanted to do in HS and just went with the flow.

I suggest making your single Tier 1 and both Tier 2 FPPs for early in the day, before the 12:01 PM SDD. Then, if there are SDDs the day you are there, you have the opportunity at the 12:01 and 2:31 drops to pick up another Tier 1. When the day comes, be flexible. If things go south, like you get a high BG, the ride doesn’t open until 2 PM or you pushed the snooze button on your alarm, you’re at WDW! Have a fantastic time!

We didn’t have to ride ROTR because we live in CA, a 6 hour drive to Anaheim. We can go to DLR in the near future. So, our HS day arrived on December 18th. We got to the park at 8:45 AM and actually got BBG 119. We were called at 5:30! We count ourselves very blessed. We had FPP for Slinky, ST, and Muppets. We used all of the FPPs. We met with Olaf, ate around the park, took PhotoPass pictures and other pictures on our phone, admired the decor, and did SB for SR (50 minutes), RNR (50 minutes), and TSM 2x (10-20 minutes each time). We picked up FPPs to ride TOT twice. I even had time to leave my phone in one of the 28 pods at SR, make 3 trips to Guest Services, and finally get my phone back. :grimacing: :star_struck: Not bad for being in the park from 8:45 AM - 7:30 PM. We couldn’t stay longer because we had 8:10 PM ADR at Storybook Dining. It was our first time there. It was delicious, filling, and well worth the money! :yum: