Hollywood Studios to Disney Springs

Have a trip Dec 3-5 staying at Pop. Would like to go to Disney Spring to do the Christmas Tree Hunt. What is the quickest way for me to get from Hollywood Studios to Disney Spring. Is it best to go back to Pop and then to DS or is there a alternate way?

You could walk or boat to Boardwalk/YC/BC and bus from there.

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Still no buses from parks to DS eh?

I agree that walking to nearest resort and busing from there would be the fastest in the absence of a direct bus.

I’ve not heard of them coming back.

My guess is they may not - I’d imagine they ran into issues with people not understanding there wasn’t a bus back to the parks and not being able to get to their cars and COVID/driver shortage is a good excuse to cut the one-way route.

OP - as an alternative, you could take the bus to Saratoga Springs and walk from there.

This is actually a good point that I never thought of, because whenever I used the direct bus, I was always returning to my resort.

I know they are still short by hundreds of drivers, too. It’s still a bummer.

Ooh the SS option, get off at Congress Park stop is best of all ideas, actually. I always forget this.


Same here. But I’m sure there were people not as knowledgable as us about the system who drove to the park, decided to go to Springs and saw the bus and took it and paid no attention to any direction that it was one-way only.

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I think walking to an Epcot area resort (or taking the boat) is quicker. When you go to SSR you have to walk from Congress Park (a slightly shorter walk than the HS to Swan/Dolphin walk) but before that you have to do the SSR internal bus loop.

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Yeah - it’s probably also dependent on when the bus comes. You could walk out and get right on a bus to SSR or walk to an Epcot area resort and wait for 30+ minutes for a bus to Disney Springs (those always seem to come less frequently than others) - or you could get to an Epcot area resort right as the Springs bus is pulling up whereas you’d wait for 15-20 minutes for a SSR bus.

Just depends on when you’d rather walk - directly after the park or getting to SSR.

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and also where you’d prefer to start your DS touring, and what your immediate destination is. OP is looking for tree trail, yes? Which, IIRC is down by the SSR entrance.

I also kind of hate the bus depot at DS, as it always feels I’m about as far away as one can get LOL But that may be just me.

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Since the gamble with the buses is the same (from HS or from a resort) and the walk is close (although SSR has the advantage) , to me it comes down to how much I hate that internal SSR bus loop :grinning:

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