Hollywood Studios - Special Ticketed Event?

Hi everyone! In the MDE mobile app., the park hours for Hollywood Studios show a special ticketed event on 10/22 from 7:45am to 9:00am. Does anyone know what event this would be?

Extra morning magic! I am trying it out in December.

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Here is the Information about it.

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Thank you, thank you, but wait…what!!! EMM hours at HS are different than EMM hours at the other parks? There is a separate ticket for it…it’s not just a resort guest perk?

They still have EMHs at all parks but HS and MK also have hard ticketed events too (on different days).

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OMG! So there’s ‘normal’ HS EMHs that are available to any resort guest and then there’s the ‘special ticket event’ that is like EMH except anyone can purchase it and they include a breakfast buffet? And MK does something like this too?

Here is the MK version

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Yes. Character meet&greets, toy Story, and star tours. Maybe a few other attractions. Breakfast buffet until 10am. Different than regular extra magic hours. I bought tickets for a November date. Hoping the cm’s/attendants actually check for the special bands and don’t just let everyone on the rides. I hear they also let ppl inside the park early to sign up for Jedi, and also the early am adr’s will be inside as well.

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Thanks all! It never would have occurred to me that there are two different kinds of early entry. What a difference a decade makes :open_mouth:

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We’re booked for EMM the second week in December. It’s our only planned time in HS – all we want to do is TSMM and Muppets, so we will do an hour of Toy Story, hit Muppets after park open, and then have breakfast and hop to EP. At least that’s the plan. :slight_smile:

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I’m doing it to sign up for Jedi ride tsm and star tours several times over, and then start at tower of terror around 9:15 am, hit the buffet, and then get in a bunch of star wars stuff including the Jedi training. I hear that they allow ppl in to sign up for Jedi training before park opening, so I’m hoping they actually make sure that the ppl that paid for the emm are the ppl enjoying the attractions, and just not letting anyone who claims to be signing up for Jedi, or anyone with an early adr do anything they want. On the sneaky side, If they do let anyone who is in the park enjoy the rides, all you have to do is say you wanna sign up for jedi, or grab an Adr, and you can sneak into the emm.

IF it is like MK EMM you will get a special arm band.

As far as I know, you can only get in early to sign up for Jedi if you have an early ADR, or are there for emm or emh. Pretty sure you can’t get in just to sign up for Jedi.

And I’m sure they will scan bands before rides too. Enjoy your emm!

Anyone know how much it is please? and whether it can be cancelled please?

According to the links @PrincipalTinker posted in her replies above (post 2&7) it’s $69 per adult/ $59 child in addition to your park ticket. So if you’re thinking “gosh, admission to these parks is just too cheap!” this bonus event is for you. I didn’t see anything about cancelation policy but it could be mentioned in there somewhere.

Thanks, it’s non refundable, nope we won’t be doing this.

I had a two day internal debate about ponying up for this emm thing, but I have to give in to the fact that this vacation is not for me. The toy story and star wars attractions open during this event will be perfect for my son, and this is going to be an obvious “$plurge” for powdered eggs and salty cured meat breakfast. It should save some serious time for our TP throughout the vacation as well. I’m hoping I can get him on TSM and Star Tours enough to be “done” with it for the rest of the vacation, and that it’s a “Crowning Glory” type of day for the boy. Just me and him, so getting there at 7:45 will be a breeze - we agreed the Mrs. will be better off sleeping in, and showing up later for the Jedi time slot. I’m guessing she’ll be visiting whatever spa type of thing the hotel has. It’s like Disney has pegged my demographic for this. (Family with father that is not a fan of waiting in lines and a 7yr old who loves Star Wars and both wake up every day at 6am.) In the realm of Disney prices, if the event is similar to what I’ve heard described as the emm at MK, this one should be worth it for us. We also have a similar “ride” to TSM at a theme park by our house. It’s always just simply crazy crowded. We actually went on it once, and he absolutely loved it. I wasn’t a major fan, but, this time, this Disney trip is not for me. My idea of a vacation is sitting on a beach with a drink or a boat with a fishing pole - well, in both instances, I’d have a drink.

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Yes my idea of vacation is similar.
Doing it would solve a few dilemma’s, but I won’t because we are on the DDP, I already bought tickets for MVMCP and I have no idea whether our family will like TSMM & ST.

What I would really like to know is how it will effect JSU, is signing up at 9am going to mean a serious lack of availability?

Thanks for posting info @PrincipalTinker. Any advice please on which day to do HS? Wed 14th Dec CL6 without Disney’s early morning magic. Or Sat 17th CL8 which has the morning magic that we won’t be attending. I think Jedi training is important, but maybe it isn’t? I have H&V ADR’s for pre rope drop and Fantasmic lunch package, but will obviously only keep one. On the day we don’t do HS we will go to EP for probably only the morning, Wed CL4, Sat CL7. Neither EP or HS has emh on those days, and both days are non party nights at MK. Wed is also our first full day at WDW. I’m know I’m obsessing but everytime I make up my mind, something happens to make me change it yet again.
@bswan26 I’d appreaciate your thoughts if you have a moment please.