Hollywood studios rope drop with little kids

My current plan is to go straight to meet Buzz, Woody, and Jessie, then get on Alien Swirling Saucers, then go meet Mike and Sully, then use my fast pass for TMM (9:30-10:30). Is this the way to go? Touring Plans is telling me Saucers is going to be a 28 minute wait, should we try to do this first and then meet characters?

Plan, for reference: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3410557

Your TSL plan is solid. I would do characters first as well. Those lines can get pretty long very fast and are not as predictable as the rides.

Also, you might not need that Frozen FPP at all. Consider another non-show FPP instead, ToT maybe depending on your kids.

I noticed no Disney Jr Dance Party in your plan. The show is awesome (no relation to the old show). You seem to have age appropriate children that would enjoy the show even more than Frozen or the Little Mermaid.

You also don’t consider the time it takes to get INTO the Star Wars Launch Bay. That line can also get long depending of the time of day.

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Alien swirling saucer is walk on at rope drop off the early. Didn’t meet characters so not sure how quickly those lines build.

Thanks! I looked at other things to swap out Frozen for but only 1 of my kids would be tall enough for ToT and I’m trying to minimize how many things my little guy gets left out of - he’s almost 3, so old enough to know that his brother is getting to do something cool.

I didn’t include the Disney Jr Dance Party because my kids don’t watch Disney Jr and so wouldn’t know any of the characters, I thought given that it wouldn’t appeal to them - do you think it’s still worth it?

I didn’t realize we’d have to line up to get in and then line up to meet characters - interesting! We do have a lot of slush in the afternoon (37 minutes after Muppets before dinner) so that should be fine.

The show is very interactive for kids of all ages. Lots of jumping, raise your arms in the air, and other things kids enjoy like fake snow and bubbles. Besides, Mickey makes an in person appearance which is everyone’s favorite.

I strongly recommend the show for little kids even if they are not fans but you know your family better.

Do they like Cars? When are you going? They new Cars show will open next month. Maybe use the FPP for that since it will be new.

I had no idea! I have been to Launch Bay twice (Spring Break 2017, October 2018) to wander, see the movie, and meet Kylo and BB8 and never encountered a line (except for characters). Perhaps, I should consider myself lucky. Is this something that is pretty consistent usually or is it hit or miss on busy days. Wondering how much time to allot for casual SW fans who really just want to meet Chewy and wander through. I was thinking 30 minutes but that may not be enough?

As @SneakyPete said, your plan is very solid.

However, I would add that Buzz seems to be less popular and is often not situated in the same area than Woody & Jessie.

I would do Woody & Jessie, than ride AS2 and finish off with Buzz.

Have a nice trip !

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We were there for MLK weekend. The CL was a solid 9, it was insanity. Maybe we were unlucky.

Your plan looks good. There are a few things to maybe consider or change. Getting the meet and greets out of way first is a good idea. I would play around on your TP, and see if switching the Sully/Mike meet and greet with the Aliens ride might work better.

I would also look at dropping the FP for Frozen sing along because I have done it a number of times and had a FP, and with the time you are showing up, it doesn’t really matter much as everyone goes into a large area to wait. Also it is one that I have had and the TP will say that it is not needed.

The star wars meet and greets, you have to go thru StarWars Launch Bay to get there, at least last I remember and you do not have that listed.

And lastly, you might want to see if you can get an earlier reservation at Sci-Fi or give yourself more time. I have eaten there and normally from check in to leaving is between 75 - 90 minutes.

I would LOVE an earlier Sci-Fi reservation, I realized too late that it was too late. I have reservation finders set up and my fingers are crossed!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Edited to add that I just got a 4:05 reservation, so that’s pretty early, but more feasible. I also booked the VIP viewing/dessert party last week as an alternate plan so we could do early dinner, and then VIP seating/treats.

Newbie here- Where is the Woody, Jessie, Buzz meet? Is it something that is stationary or do they walk around TSL and you have to find them? Or does it change every day and you have to find it on the TIme sheet when you enter? I’m always confused as to how to include Character Meets when they’re NOT specifically on the attraction list (like Mickey & Minnie at Town Square Theatre)

I check a website called Character Locator. Buzz, Woody, and Jessie seem to be inside Toy story Land near the path that leads to Toy Story Mania, Mike and Sully are at One Man’s Dream near Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I’ve just put in 20-30 minute rests with a note that the plan is to meet a character.

Sounds like a great plan

Meet Mickey and Minnie at Town Square Theatre is on the list of attractions you can add to your TP at MK (and TP will give you estimated wait times like for other attractions). Many character meet and greets. however, are not on TP. For those I just add a Break with the amount of time I think the meet and greet (and line) will take.

Right, that’s what I meant- Mickey and Minney ARE on the list but most are not. So how do we know when and where the ones that are not “scheduled” are? Are they on a times list at the park each day? Can we see it online?

There is a times list and it is accurate give or take maybe 10 minutes in either direction, from my experience.

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Ah, I see what you were saying about Mickey/Minnie now. I read your post wrong.

Many of the other character meet and greets have times listed on the WDW website for the “attraction”. Below is a link for meeting Merida (which shows the times on the right hand side of the page). As an aside, Merida was great when we met her. She was very interactive with my 3 y/o and 1 y/o and asked them a bunch of questions.

Note that the characters have breaks throughout the day and those are not listed on the page.

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Thanks! I get it now. I think I have to meet Merida because I have big, red curly hair myself and my kids will think it’s hilarious if we take a picture together.

I had read that waits for Merida were long. We arrived at her area at 9:50 am and only waited about 15 minutes. I was surprised it was that short at 9:50 am. We walked by Merida’s area later in the morning and the line was much, much longer. I mention this as a suggestion to try to get to her meet and great on the early side of the morning.

We had planned to go to Under the Sea first and then get to Merida around 9:15, but my 3 y/o daughter insisted on meeting Mickey first (which was a surprising 20 minute wait even at 9:00 am). We had not planned to Meet Mickey at MK because we went to Chef Mickey’s to meet the Fab 5 but my daughter learned the ropes of WDW quickly … we had this conversation at bedtime the night before

DD: Daddy, I want to meet Mickey tomorrow.
Me: We met Mickey today.
DD: That was at lunch at Chef Mickey’s. I want to meet Mickey at the park where he is alone and you meet just him and he is not wearing his chef hat.
Me: (thinking to myself … seriously, Chef Mickey’s was not good enough). Ok, we will try to meet Mickey alone.