Hollywood Studios- rope drop or stack LL?

Headed down for a (very) quick weekend trip in early June…not sure if we should head into HS as soon as we get on property about 11am on a Friday and just stack LL as we go earlier that morning or if we should rope drop Early Entry the next morning. We pretty much plan on focusing our efforts on GE and TSL. I’ve read different strategies for both arrival times, but nothing too recent. Thanks!


Both strategies can be successful. We did the stacking strategy last July and did everything we wanted plus a TS dinner. I think we didn’t do Frozen Sing-along, BATB, and Mickey’s Vacation Shorts (by choice). We did pretty much everything else including Fantasmic. We also waited in SB for Rise.

Last week we RD’d HS in lieu of buying Genie+. We were able to do everything except Muppetvision (and we could have done that if we hadn’t stopped to chat with the DVC guide). We also did a TS meal and Fantasmic plus the projections shows on the theater.

If you RD the next morning, would you stay all day? What else are you hoping to do?


If we RD, we will hop to Epcot at some point, probably early afternoon.


For both of our plans, we stayed the full day at HS. In your situation, I would probably lean toward stacking on the late entry day.

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Any particular reason why or just to maximize time there? Thanks for your input!

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This HS/EP/HS strategy is one I use a lot. I usually RD RotR and get another one or two rides out of the way and then head to EP for lunch and some of the lower demand attractions before heading back to HS. It worked pretty well when hopping was restricted but it’s even better now. I like to stack for HS too with a late arrival on days when I want to sleep a little later. I think the crowd really mellows out in the evenings there. The biggest benefit of an early arrival (if you have EE) is not having to pay for RotR imo.

Well, I guess it depends on how much you want to get done. And if you would buy Genie+ or the ILL for Rise on the RD day. I’m not sure if you can get everything done in a partial day. But if you just want SWGE and TSL, that’s probably do-able. However, both of those lands are prettier at night and roasting hot during the day.


They’re really so much better in the evening!

On this last trip, we did not pay for it and waited less than 30 minutes! That was timed to when we actually got into the ride vehicle. You can’t count on that for sure.

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Definitely. We had a 25min wait on Sunday Feb 25th which was pretty good. They opened the park a bit before EE I think that day and we probably got there about 15 minutes into official EE but it wasn’t bad. I’ve never attempted it in the summer or a busier time like Spring Break though.

Our wait was around 4:00 PM! We RD’d SDD that day.

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That’s amazing! We saw it posted pretty low that same week around that time of day too. It feels like winning the lottery when those things happen during a trip!

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Current thinking is to RD Rise and then head to TSL to see what kind of waits there are. I’ve also read a few reports that it’s better to buy the ILL for Rise and RD SDD and the rest of TSL. Not sure if we’ll buy ILL or not, I hate the idea of it and supporting it, but also want to accomplish a whole lot in a relatively small window of time.

I’ve been leaning towards MK on Friday evening to see HEA and then Saturday we’d split HS and Epcot. But I also want to have time for HS. In a perfect world, we would be able to ride Rise, SDD, TSM, and ToT and check out GE and TSL. I guess our alternative would be stack LL for HS on Friday and then split MK and Epcot, but I hate the idea of missing out on both of those parks at night.

Yeah, I’m liking this idea a lot. Especially given how close they are and it will just be DH and I, I think we could move pretty quickly between the two.

Not buying an ILL for Rise is definitely an incentive.

ETA: Not sure why this replied to you and not @WakandaForever. Sorry!

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