Hollywood Studios RD and ADR

I’m thinking about RD at Hollywood Studios for our trip. I’m not a RD kind of person, I can get pretty stressed out. So, we go when it opens but not early for rope drop. But we have ADR for Breakfast at H&V for 8:40 on an EMH (8am). HS is showing up as 5 for crowds that day.
Since we’ll be there pretty early anyway, I think we have enough time to do something before breakfast. Any advice on what attraction. (DH, DD4, and me). Also, what is RD like at HS and is it different with the early opening for EMH?
Also, we’d be coming from Yacht on the boat (if that matters).

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Should I use the time to sign my DD up for Jedi Training? I’ve never experienced this show. How do sign ups work with FPP? … ughhh I have so many questions :weary:

If your DD wants to do Jedi Training, I’d definitely do that first. My understanding is that those slots fill up very quickly. I do not think FPP is involved at all, other than getting a showtime that doesn’t conflict with the ones you have. Good luck!

One things to bear in mind is that HS often opens up 15 min before the official RD time. At least it used to - hopefully someone who has been more recently can confirm.

Also, don’t waste an FPP on JTA, especially if you are going to be signing up DD to be a Padwan.

The last I heard (a couple of weeks ago) HS was still opening about 15 early.

If you want your DD to do JTA, go there first. Don’t need to run or knock over small children, but if you go anywhere else first, you may miss out. I highly recommend the experience to anyone whose kids are Star Wars fans. It was a blast watching my DS fight Darth Vader.

Sign ups don’t take too long so you might still have 20 - 30 minutes, depending on all sorts of factors. Not really enough time to ride something. Maybe walk around the Echo Lake/Streets of America area, looking for hidden Mickeys.

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My plan is to get a pre rope drop adr at hollywood and vine (no EMH) pay the bill when we sit… Head straight to JaT with kids and sign them up…wondering if 45 mins will be ok for breakfast

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I always do Rope Drop but have never done a pre-RD reservation at HS. Judging my typical dining times at TH and CP, I’d say yes. We have always done pre-RD ADRs at Tusker House and, even at our slowest, have been out the door as the park was opening.

Yes, I would sign up for JTA first. My understanding is that they will work with you on which show you get to not conflict with your FP+, but I’m not risky sure of that. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

I was going to ask you if Jedi training was on your agenda. So, yes! That’s what you need to do at RD! This an EMH morning so you should not wait until after breakfast. I don’t think there is an FPP for JTA. So go there first and secure your time.

Do Jedi Training and then ride Star Tours right after once or twice since it’s different each time? Star Tours will be low wait and you can save a FPP for something else - or ride it again later.