Hollywood studios plan

Any advice for my hollywood studios plan. Only one day here also. Planning to stay til we can use slinky dog fast pass at 3:10. Kids are short so only rides are toy story ones.


No Star Tours? ToT?

What about MuppetVision 3D?

DD is only 38 inches and DS 35 inches so not doing other rides. Think Muppets 3D may scare them but if they like Philharmagic can always add that in sometime.

Ah. Okay. Didn’t know ages/sizes. Muppets isn’t scary, so you’re probably fine there.

What about these?
Indiana Jones
Disney Junior show
Little Mermaid show

My advice would be to keep trying to get an earlier FPP for Stinky Dog - you have a lot of Free time to kill in your plan because of the late FPP. I believe @OBNurseNH is the queen of FPP modification, so maybe she can jump in with some tips.

I’ve been trying but no other times have been available that day. Was actually planning to be done by 2 but took what I could get! Would love to get it earlier so we could go on AS2 or TSMM again with 4th Fps

You might consider forgetting the FPP entirely, if you can’t modify it sooner, and instead just get in standby line and wait. You will wait longer…but then you could leave the park much ealier.

That could be a day of plan but I will keep the fp until we ride it as I do not want to wait in line more than 20 minutes with DD4. Will probably try to do some character meets if we have extra time.

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Yes, I agree on continuing to check back often to modify that SDD to earlier.

See also:


Modify trick works often. SDD may be tough to modify, but it’s certainly possible… There also currently seem to be day-of drops of SDD around 9:31 AM for the 11/12 hours. You may want to try modifying between 9:30 and 9:35…