Hollywood studios - plan feedback and star wars

Ok, my final one for today, here is my first day in HS

I am only using one fast pass which seems a waste, should I add in some other FP rides?? I have 2 days in HS so I had split it in half so less rides with a break then back for Fantasmic. Day 2 would be rest of HS, and Star Wars show. However, DH not keen on coming back in so day 2 might change to later start and do both night shows…

What are people currently planning for star wars? I could take out the break and do MFSR but is it all guess work just now??

Not quite sure where to go with this one!

You might want to see this thread. There was some news today about how DL will operate things. It is likely WDW will do something pretty similar.

It doesn’t really help much, since there are no details. And this is only 2 months ahead of opening at DL, so any details about WDW will likely only come in June.

Thanks for the links. Feels like will need to wait and see really!

I think I might add in the runaway train FP for us all a d ToT/RnR set of FP as a rider swap

Actually it has been said that how Galaxy’s Edge works will be different between WDW and DL. WDW is not doing reservations for example, instead just saying expect crowds :slight_smile:

The TP Youtube discussion recommended if you are trying to go to GE for the first time at WDW to not make any other plans that day. Hope they make reservations available at World.

Yes, they say that. With the added phrase “at this time”.

I said on the linked thread (or another thread) that a very reputable insider has already said over on WDWMagic that a virtual queue will be used at WDW. And that it was planned for DHS before DL. Now whether this from day 1 or after the first month / 2 months, we don’t yet know.

Plans will change, depending on what happens at DL. Currently they are not saying anything officially. They have said there will not be FPs initially, that is all we know for certain. There will be FPs later, but how much later is unknown.

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They might open M&MRR without FPs too. Clearly they have determined (correctly IMO) that the lines will move quicker without FPs during the initial rush for SW:GE.

Logically therefore it makes sense for them to open M&MRR without FPs too, until the initial rush dies down.

This is what makes planning for DHS so difficult for anyone going during the summer or later. There are just too many unknowns.

Oh. Guess just going to have to watch and see what happens then!

You have SDD as a FP, but also MMRR. Most likely, if they offer a FP for MMRR, it would be a Tier 1 initially.

As far as likelihood of getting a SDD FP, that will depend on if you are staying on property, when you are going, and which day of your trip you plan to be at HS. You might not be able to secure that SDD FP, in other words.

Drat. Didn’t realise I had two tier 1 in there. Although technically we need to rider swap SDD so I could split it that husband gets SDD and I get MMRT but then he will miss out on that one. Might have to take the train out as I think I have that in day 2

Staying onsite so hopefully will pick up FP at 60 days… :crossed_fingers:t2:

This may seem simplistic to you experts, but after first three fastpasses are done, can you book at Tier 1 again? I could not do it last time because they were gone, but if some are available, is it possible?


Will be interested to hear what same day availability is like for tier 1 if anyone knows?

FP same day drops are the only time I have seen it.

Ok after some re works here are my HS plans as they stand just now

Day 1. I still have the issue on 2 tier 1 FP in here. Am going to leave this in and attempt to get one of each for each adult (we need to rider swap them anyway) or take out whatever one I don’t get on FP day

Day 2

Am light on snacks, any good suggestions? Welcome any other feedback

Epcot is possible for the three tier 1 rides for late afternoon / early evening onwards. And Illuminations.

TSMM and Aliens have been reported as gettable. (Fantasmic used to be tier 1 before TSL, and was always possible).

Pandora rides and Slinky are harder. Nothing is impossible, but you need some luck too.

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Just watch out for new RS internal policy that requires everyone in both groups to have a fp for hard to get headliners. It is Cast Member specific – meaning selectively enforced. Just don’t want you to count on it timewise, then they give you a return time for Group 2 three hours (or whatever the current stand by time is) later at FOP.

Yeah I have been going back and forth on this one quite a lot!!

My plan is to get th e headliners on multiple days so hopefully will be covered that way!

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Let us know how it works out. My personal opinion is they get stricker with FP RS the closer GE gets–esp at HS.