Hollywood studios nighttime shows

My ap is not showing the schedule for shows in hollywood studios for april, other than fantasmic. Is there usually a firework show at night as well?

Yes, there are usually Star Wars Fireworks.

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is it possible to do both?

Usually the schedule does not allow you to get to a place to see the fireworks after Fantasmic. Well, let me clarify that- the fireworks depend greatly on projections and lasers. You, of course, will be able to see the fireworks that go above the buildings but the story, music, projections and most laser effects may be lost.

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ahhh bummmer! I had my heart set on both. I might have to make it another night.

I have heard that if you position yourself near an exit during Fantasmic that you MIGHT be able to get a halfway decent view of the Star Wars show. I have never done this personally to confirm, though.

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its worth a try

It should work if you leave Fantasmic 5 minutes early and move quickly. Although, if you have never seen Fantasmic you should stay for the whole show.

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If you want a really good experience of both, I would plan for two separate nights. I highly recommend a dining package for Fantasmic. Maybe consider the dessert party for SW show.


I definitely want to do one dessert party! I need to figure out which one within the next few days. HEA is the only one available right now. The others haven’t posted yet.

In July we left Fantasmic 5 mins early purely to avoid the queues getting out of the park.

We aren’t star wars fans but we were soon near the exit with a fast walk(which isn’t far from where you would watch the star wars show from) and we could have watched that show as well had we wanted to.

But we wanted to make sure we could get on the first boat back to boardwalk so we gave it a miss

I personally would aim to do both same night sitting near fantasmic exit exit walking fast leaving fantasmic 3 or 4 mins early

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