Hollywood studios new EMH times

HS have changed all their EMH during our stay from morning to late evening. I have 2 kids who won’t be able to stay up that late so I was hoping to do early mornings instead (I’ve tried late nights at home and they just won’t lie in next day!).
How would you suggest I now tackle HS? We had 3 mornings planned there but I’m wondering whether we should stick to going at rope drop when it’s open to everyone or if we should maybe go lunchtime and afternoon, although it’s going to be hot, hot, hot in August!
I’m a bit miffed I’m missing out on one of the benefits of staying onsite!

If you are morning people, do morning. You don’t have to use every onsite benefit. Many avoid EMH. And as you said, it will be hot in the afternoon - I’d avoid that.

We were at HS in August and it was SO HOT. Especially in Toy Story Land. We RD TOT and RNR, and by the time we hit TSL it was like sitting in an oven without a reasonable amount of shade. I felt like it was a huge fail on Disney’s part (and mine by not tackling it at RD). Probably the thing that still stands out as my least favorite part of the trip.

We used ONE EMH our whole stay, at MK - evening- even then the only kids who went were the ones who had napped that day.

Our family are huge fans of doing RD, going back to the hotel for about 4 hours for nap and possibly a swim in the afternoon, then closing down the parks in the evenings. Even if your kids don’t normally nap at home, settle them down with a book and they’ll most likely drop off to sleep.

My kids were 18, 15, 10, and 10 this trip (yes, they all napped, as did DH and I). But we did basically the same thing last trip when they were 9, 6, 1, and 1 (except we didn’t manage to be there pre-RD most days, but we did utilize all EMH). This trip we only napped every other day and that was sufficient, but last time it was nearly every day.

If you’re going in August, this would also get you out of the hottest part of the day and also avoid peak wait times. The midday break is also a great time to search for evening FP and revamp evening plans (I did that while they swam). You do lose some time in transit, but we really spent so little time waiting in lines, we got a ton done.

Amvanhoose I would love it if we all had a nap(!) but I don’t know if my boys will.
I have planned exactly what you’ve said, to do RD and come away after lunch, returning for dinner. HS changing their hours cuts an hour from our touring each visit but I might try to figure in an extra early evening there to make up for it.