Hollywood Studios Monday May 29

I am planning a trip May 27 to June 2. The way its coming together we will be at HS on Monday May 29 ( Memorial Day). It is listed as a big ole red 10!

Do you think if we use Genie+ and pay for Rise we can still have a fun day?

I have Sci Fi reservation for Fantasmic! So we should be able to get a seat there with a shorter wait.

We will be at HS again on Wednesday and can do what we didn’t get to on Monday.

Please share your wisdom about the best way to make this a fun day in a big hot crowd!


We were there on the Saturday before Memorial Day last year…and we had a great day!

Yes to Genie + and Rise. Definitely rope drop–you can knock out a few things before it starts to get hot. Mid day break if you need it and then return to close things down. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


thank-you! That makes me fell much better.

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We visited DHS on a CL10 day in December and between RD with EE, Genie plus with BG1, and ILL, we easily hit all the headliners and virtually all the shows. It was only a three-day trip so we tried to pack in as much as we could, and were happy to discover that good preparation and smart use of LLs can easily beat high crowd levels. Our longest line of the day was the Trolley Car Cafe/Starbucks one, at around 20 min :slight_smile:

My main recommendation would be to expect attraction downtime and have a Plan B (and C) in place to pivot when necessary. We had three headliners down at RD on our day, including one we were planning to RD (we had bought an ILL for Rise, got first available LL for SDD, and were planning to have a leisurely RD at MMRR, but then pivoted to RDing TSMM instead and got an LL for MMRR as soon as we tapped into SDD). The good news about attraction downtime is that you might get a Multiple Experience Pass which you can then use as a “golden ticket” to save the day. LL drops also help.

We also had a F! Dining Package (H&V Holiday Dine) and really enjoyed it as a break from touring. We arrived 20 min before the start of your first show and had perfect seats.



HS is almost always 8+, even today it’s an 8 when crowds are low. It’s just that the lines are always long there. But have a plan and use G+.


We had a great day on a day that turned out to be a CL9. I think you can have a very fun day. Here are my suggestions:

Are you staying on-site so eligible to book ILL for Rise at 7:00 am? If so, book your first G+ at 7:00 am (SDD if that is on your list) and then book ILL for Rise (even better if you have another person on your party who can book Rise ILL while you book your first G+LL).

Get to HS early (before RD). I would RD either ToT or TSM.

Ride your first LL as soon as eligible so you can book your second LL.

Have the list of drop times with you in case helpful for other LLs.