Hollywood Studios Hours Change Week of 1/13/20

Looks like they are changing the park opening time for next week. I just pulled up the official calendar on Disney’s website and it now shows a 7am opening time for all days next week. No FPP availability or dining reservations available for 7-8am yet.

I’m not going crazy here, am I? https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en-eu/calendars/five-day/2020-01-13/

Looks like 7am for the next 2 weeks! I keep watching for the first week of February when I’m there - I’m assuming they’ll move the 9am to at least 8am. I want to try to get a SDD FP if/when that happens!

You and me both. I’ll be at HS on 2/4. Hoping to get to the app QUICK if announced.