Hollywood Studios free time

We have a half day plan, starting at 1:50pm (Sci Fi lunch), ending with Fantasmic + Dessert Party, and in between a fairly solid wall of rides and attractions. I am not experienced with HS, and looking at the plan I’m concerned that there is not much free/down time. One 20 minute window, and one 15 minute window are my only currently scheduled gaps in the action.

I like having time-windows to “smell the roses”, especially at Epcot, and I’m wondering if HS veterans here can speak to whether I’ll be missing out on great non-listed entertainments, cool gift shops, etc?

The Citizens of Hollywood are well worth catching. If you stick around for a whole “set”, you could even get dragged into it as it were.

For example I started laughing and got a dressing down for ruining the take. And they also had competitions to win prizes like special pins and key rings etc.

And the little green men turn up on Pixar Place, although presumably when TSL opens they will be in the land. Pixar Place will become backstage, beyond OMD.

I still miss the old days when the “Blues Brothers” would turn up on SOA, kind of flash mob style, and a 30 minute concert would follow.


Sometimes just while walking along the main strip going towards ToT, they have CMs who will randomly narrate passers by as if they are part of a movie trailer take. They pick lines that are funny and relevant to whoever they are focused on. My DS14 was narrated on one of our passes by. Even if no one in your group is selected, it is entertaining to watch them do it to others.

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