Hollywood Studios Fireworks - Bus Transportation or Park Own Car?


If we plan to go to Hollywood Studios Fireworks in the evening, will it be faster to get back to POR via bus transportation or with our own car? I do have a handicap sticker... The crowds are listed as a 4 on the day of our visit.


Take the car for sure! We used our handicapped sticker last year on the 30th of December and were back to POR in like 10-15 minutes. And we all know how December crowds are...so you should be perfectly fine. Plus handicapped parking is right next to the entrance.


Thank you so much. Would you suggest driving to all the parks since I have a handicap sticker?


No problem! But yes, I would 100% drive everywhere especially with the tag. The parking is way closer at all the parks minus Magic Kingdom. Epcot can be tricky too but you have to get there early enough to get it. But HS and AK's parking is like literally right by the entrance.