Hollywood Studios Early Morning Magic 0700 vs 0730

I was able to book an Early Morning Magic reservation at Hollywood Studios for Wed, Nov 28 at 0700. Can someone tell me what the difference is between an 0700 and 0730 reservation (other than the obvious)? Why is Disney offering different time slots?

They do this when the 7:30 sells out. 7:00 is supposed to eat first then ride. 7:30 rides then eats. However they don’t monitor it. You can eat whenever.

I was just reading a review of this today but can’t seem to find it now. The recommendation was to shove down the food as close to 7:00 as possible and head to TSM and AS2 right at 7:25. Then SDD will be 10 min instead of 20. Once the rest of the park opens, ToT and RnRC should be walk ons.

We are testing this plan tomorrow (well, technically, today)!

This was the review:


How did it go? How long was breakfast and what time did the rides start?

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sorry, I posted a report on another thread but here it is:

In a nutshell, it was awesome. We deviated from our plan and did the rides first then breakfast but we had no wait for anything. I think SDD was the longest wait and that was only 5-8 minutes (plus it allowed us to soak up the details in the queue so we didn’t mind).

I read the review on easywdw and honestly, our experience was wonderful. I guess each family/group is different but for us (2 adults) we absolutely loved it and it was worth the price. Plus, we ended up knocking out Star Tours, ToT and RnRC all by 10:00!