Hollywood Studios Brunch?

Okay folks…I could use some help planning out my meals on our Hollywood Studios day. We are staying at Beach Club and currently have an 11:30am lunch reservation at Sci-Fi Diner. I just snagged a 5:20 reservation at Beaches & Cream (thank you touring plans reservation finder!!!) and was planning to cancel our Sci-Fi reservation as both places offer similar food. With an early dinner, I’d really like to go someplace in Hollywood Studios that would have brunch food or look at doing an early breakfast before park opening (9am as of now). Any suggestions on how to structure this? I thought about Brown Derby Lounge for the fabulous Cobb Salad, but we have 7 in our party (3 of which are kids ages 11, 8, and 6) and I worry that it wouldn’t meet everyone’s needs. I figured if anyone would have great ideas it would be this fabulous group of Liners! Thank you for your thoughts!

Ooo, what about the new Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria al Forno? It isn’t inside HS, but it’s nearby.

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I’ve thought about Bon Voyage or Cape May Cafe, but I think 7:30am is the earliest I could get in. Do you think that would leave us enough time to eat and walk over to Hollywood Studios in time for rope drop? Also, from a cost perspective, both of those are fairly pricey; but, I haven’t been able to find a quick service option for breakfast or brunch in the Studios now that Starring Rolls is gone. =(

I feel the same way. I had a bon voyage booked and canceled it because I didn’t want to use up morning touring times. There really aren’t any good breakfast options that I know of inside HS.

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