Hollywood Studios August 28 or 30?

Hi! I am new to this forum, but I feel like I’ve learned so much from reading some of the posts here over the last week. My husband is already tired of planning our August 2019 trip, which has gotten a little more complicated with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. This is our first family trip to DW, and my kids will be almost 6 and 4.5. I’ve already purchased our flights, so rescheduling is not a good option for us.

My original plan was to do HS on Friday (8/30) and start with a PPO Fantasmic package breakfast at H&V (stopping before breakfast to sign up for Jedi training) and trying to fast pass what we can in the morning, taking a break at the resort from 2-6 then returning to leisurely tour/try to get additional fast passes before Fantasmic. At first I was going to stick with our plan (even see if we can get a glimpse of Galaxy’s Edge), but planning to just bail early and head to the pool if we can’t stand the crowds anymore and only head back for Fantasmic. The only thing I’m worried about is that the park will be filled to capacity when we try to return in the evening and that we could be turned away for something that we have paid for in advance.

This has led to me now considering switching our HS day with our AK day on Wednesday (8/28). This would have the benefit of improving our chances of a FOP fast pass (since AK will be later in our trip) and we could do EMM for TSL. I’ve already signed up for EMM in MK on 8/27 and I’m on the fence about TSL since it includes so few rides, it seems like TSL is doable without it, the expense, and that it would mean two early mornings for us (my son is at the age where it takes 400 years to get his shoes on). Also, if we switched days, that means we can’t even attempt Galaxy’s Edge (which might not be a real consideration since we would not be willing to spend a half day in one line in any scenario).

So, I think I’m just looking for affirmation. Switch HS to the 26th and do EMM to ensure that we can do TSL even with the new crowd predictions? If budget becomes a concern, I would probably drop a character meal (we have ADRs for CRT, TH, 1900 PF, BOG, Akershus and would try to switch H&V to the Fantasmic dinner package). Does it not make sense to do both Akershus and CRT because the princesses are so similar? We don’t plan to visit WDW again in the near future, so I’m obviously overthinking this trip. Thanks in advance for any advice!


We will be at EMM at TSL on the 26th, so maybe we’ll see you there. As much as I love Star Wars I would not consider doing it with my wife and 5 year old. Unless SWGE is the main purpose of your trip (which it probably isn’t since you booked before) I would probably make the switch. Now that I read that again I’m thinking your 26th was a typo and you meant 28th, but either way, the 28th EMM intrigues me as TSL boarders SWGE and I’m wondering if you might get a sneak peak or be able to luck into a soft opening. I’m hoping for a glimpse myself on the 26th.

Oops, yes a typo! Now that I’m thinking about it in the morning, I am more convinced that EMM is the way to go for us. Even if it is really crowded right before GE opening, we will be able to do TSL and use FPs for other things that day. I’ve heard mixed reviews about H&V so maybe the better idea is to FP Fantasmic and just plan on eating dinner at the resort and doing QS for lunch.


I think you are doing the right thing