Hollywood Studios at Night

The Star Wars Fireworks haven’t returned right? Without them is HS worth it to stay late? We are having an early 5:30 anniversary dinner at Toledo (Grand Destino Tower) and planned on running back to MK after to catch the fireworks. (9pm) is that do-able? The next day we do HS and thinking maybe should skip over to MK that night instead so we can relax at our dinner and celebrate our anniversary.
This is a short kid free trip!

There are fireworks / projection show at HS - it is the one about Animation. But not the Star Wars spectacular. I do think HS is fun at night, and some of the rides are better in the evening (SDD). But MK is probably the better fireworks show.

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I’m planning to catch the Animation nighttime show at DHS at 9pm on Sunday Aug 22. I’ll let you know what I think depending on when your trip is in relation to that. MK’s is very impressive for sure but I’ve never seen this one so this is what I’m doing.

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Galaxys edge looks cool lit up at night and I like seeing people play with their lightsabers but that’s about it for HS & me.