Hollywood Studios and RotR

So we’re going to Disney World during Spring Break which I already know is one of the busiest times of year with a 1 yo and a 5 yo. We want to get to Hollywood Studios for Toy Story Land and will likely not spend much time with the Star Wars stuff given the age of my kids.

I’m seeing a lot of posts about people lining up outside of HS at 5am for RotR… but given we’re not interested in that is it worth us getting there early and lining up for ToyStory Land? Any advice or suggestions here? I’d rather avoid a line for something we aren’t going to do with small children if we can.

Almost ALL of the chaos at HS is due to ROTR. But the actual CLs for HS have gone down, overall, so you shouldn’t need to get there early at all. Just go do everything else, and only visit SWGE if you want later in the day.

There are really only 3 rides in TSL and you can get a FP for one of them. So, are the others worth your while? I managed to get the coveted SDD for my DD7 only to find out that she was terrified of the ride when we went there, so we switched it out for the alien saucers ride instead. Since we’ve already done TSM twice in past visits that was the end of TSL for us, except for going back at night for some characters and to get a better look at it without so many people around. It was CL10 day and after the fireworks was pretty empty.