Hollywood Studio/Epcot

Just wondering where do you catch the boat from HS to Epcot and how long does it take and what time does it stop running?

Also how easy is it to walk from HS to Epcot and how long would that take?

The walk is about 10 minutes, depending on your speed.
Not sure about the boat, since we walked.

Ok that’s great thank you where do you enter Epcot by France?

Yes, the international gateway entrance to Epcot is behind France.

I would say the walk is closer to 20 minutes. It always feels far to me! The boat takes about a half an hour, if you catch one as it’s leaving. There are boat launches right outside Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway. The boat stops at multiple resorts along the way. I will always choose the boat if there isn’t a long wait, although it does take a bit longer.

Between UK and France


You can see the walking route on google maps. There are different paths you can take, depending on which side of the water you choose, so looking at a map can give you a good idea of the distances and path options.

I love the walk but I agree closer to 20 minutes- even if you know the shortcut through the BW pool. Is it about 1.3 miles?

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10 min from park to park is like doing an 8 minute mile. I would call that running - and faster than I could do when I was in my 20s…


Thanks for all the feed back the information was great👍