Hollywood Studio Dilema


Last Christmas was our first visit to Disney and we decided to skip Hollywood Studios because it didn’t interested us enough, but now that we’ll be back in Florida for our Universal Studios trip, we are going to take one day to visit Disney. At the end we decided to go with regular one day based tickets and just do a one day at Hollywood Studios on December 17.

Now the dilemma is that we will be driving from the Royal Pacific Resort that early morning, probably around 6:30 am and I just read that the parking lot at the parks doesn’t open until only one hour before the park opening time. So we need to figured out what to do with our rental, here are the ideas we came up with so far.

  1. Leave the car at the Royal Pacific Resort and take an Uber, is a 20 minutes ride.

  2. Drive to one of the resort that are closed to HS, park and take an Uber from there.

What do you guys think?

You’ll be able to park.

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Thanks missoverexcited, As early as 6:30 am? But the park doesn’t opens that day until 9:00 am.

Do you think that being there at 6:30 am is a bit unnecessary? Rise of the Resistance will be open for 12 days by then. We just want to be one of the first to ride it that day, so we can do the rest of the park that morning without too much waiting time, while everyone else is at Galaxy Edge.

I think it’s impossible to say what a difference RotR will make, but you’ll be able to get up to date reports which will be really helpful in deciding what time to get there. You might need to be even earlier, or it might be a flop and you can get there later. But yes, you should be able to park even at 6.30.

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missoverexcited I just called Disney and they said that the parking lot at HS, won’t be open until 8:00 am that day :frowning:

Unfortunately you can’t really trust anything a phone CM says. People are already parking earlier than 8am and RotR isn’t even open. We arrived more than once at 7.30 at HS in summer and people were already parked up. If you’re really worried about it, then the second best option would be Uber/Lyft because if it’s really busy they may restrict parking at EP area resorts.


Thanks for all the help missoverexcited! Btw since we are not going until Dec 17, probably there should be enough info around by then, to have a sense of what the crowds level are going to be like.

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Yes definitely, and you’ll be able to find out what time people are parking up as well!

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True, thanks!

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You’ll be able to park and it might even be free. Shhhhhhh.


These people know almost nothing about the parks.


Thanks qwerty6, can you elaborate on the free part?

BTW my experience with the person on the phone from Disney this morning, wasn’t pleasant at all. She sounded like I was bothering her. Like for me to be asking her alternatives way to park, it was like I was asking her to be my accomplice in some illegal thing I was trying to do.

If you’re really early, there won’t be parking attendants and you’ll just drive straight in.


Thanks missoverexcited, good to know :slight_smile:

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Another point to consider - if parking for some reason isn’t open, no one else will be there either so you will still be one of the first people to park. But based on the responses above, it sounds like it will be open, just maybe no attendant.


I was not to a parking lot before seven this trip.
On past trips, however, we were there 6:30 and there were no attendants and it was open.

I was at AK after closing (private party) and all the gates were open and no attendants.


Thanks guys

Also, you typically can’t just park at the resorts, so that’s really not an option anyway. Or at least it’s not an option I would count on. Usually you need an ADR, sometimes even just saying we want to shop at the Boardwalk or whatever is not a good enough excuse. We wanted to go to Jellyrolls one night, an hour before EPCOT closed and they still gave us a hard time at BWI. Although we did get in.

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Thanks Pod, good points

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