Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge with kids?

The small plates menu at HBDL sounds awesome but we were wondering if we would be admitted as we have 2 kids (ages 7&4) with us and it’s technically a bar lounge. From the pics of its outdoor tables (and lack of bar lounge feel), we figured it’s worth a try. Anyone else have experience with taking kids to the HBDL?

On a related note, has anyone taken kids with them to Trader Sam’s Grotto or Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian? Or will we be hated for bringing kids with us there? :grimacing:

Children are welcome everywhere (except Victoria and Alberts and is it after 8:00 at Tader Sam’s?)

We have taken our children here in the past and had no problems whatsoever, as @PrincipalTinker says Disney is Kid City :grinning:

That’s a relief. Thank you!

I heard children are permitted in Trader Sams earlier in the evening. Not sure of cut off time. Hollywood Brown Derby lounce should be okay but you may need to wait for a standard table. The high top tables might be a challenge for some children.

Depends upon your kids. IMO, the question is not “is restaurant X kid-friendly”, but rather “are my kids restaurant friendly.” And in my experience waiting on tables, if you have to ask the question, you already know the answer…

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I’ve read that it’s frowned upon to take kids into BD lounge. I think it would depend on your kids, if they are well behaved then I’m sure no one would mind, but if they don’t sit still or cry a lot then I don’t think it’s fair on the other adults. Also for the signature restaurants if you’re taking kids you should make it an early dinner. If a couple has forked out for a babysitter or kids club and are trying to enjoy a child free evening, they would be seriously pissed to find a disruptive kid at the next table. You can take kids to Sam’s Grogg Groto before 8pm. Only Victoria & Albert doesn’t allow them at all. Opinions will vary.

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I agree with this at ANY restaurant ANY where - not just WDW. We have specifically cancelled meals at WDW (if you are firm but persistent they will not charge you for the no show) as my wife and I are firm in believing that the kids must behave a certain way in restaurants. We didn’t allow them to act a certain way and we have left if they “just can’t hold it together”. You are ABSOLUTELY right - an EARLY dinner is advisable. As an adult we get cranky when we are tired, hot and hungy and kids are no different - so you need to be sensible and know that they just can’t hold out as long. I never have an issue with kids in restaurants as long as they are well behaved. WDW does welcome kids everywhere - but that is also not carte blanche to allow them to ill behave.

Good advise @Tate

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We have only ever eaten here for an early dinner with kids and it was fine, I like to think mine were restaurant ready!
I do agree, on reflection, you are right about couples wanting a child free evening, I really enjoy those myself…so perhaps a different restaurant would be more suitable for the children in the evening, after all there a many to choose from.

Or their parents to allow them to be ill behaved!

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I have been to Trader Sams many times and have never seen kids there. The time frame was late afternoon. Don’t know if there’s a rule or not. It is def a “drinking” culture at Trader Sams.

“TWO SHOTS OF RUM!” and all.

POC portrays boozing it up to though, and MK is a dry park :laughing:

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Sounds my kinda place :wink:

The last time I was at Jiko I looked around at 6:00 and I think there were kids at almost every table. There was no noise or disruptions. It was a lovely night.

I was at Trader Sams at around opening time a the beginning of this month and found that a wide range of children were present. Frankly, the atmosphere of Trader Sams makes it pretty hard to notice any children who aren’t being the best behaved.

So there you go. Kids can be present.

Thanks for all the input! I think it goes without saying that any respectful individual would only bring their kids to a restaurant if they wouldn’t be disruptive. I started this topic more to gauge how “out of place” my children would seem at Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge as it is a bar lounge (although it doesn’t seem like a typical bar lounge like say, the Wave lounge is). I was thinking of just popping by mid afternoon for a snack as the menu sounds great but I didn’t want to lock us down to a specific reservation time.

DisneyWorld, I love you but I HATE having to schedule my days around the dining reservations.

Thanks again to everyone for all the thoughtful insight.

I think one of the biggest irony’s about Disney World to me, is that it is one of the few places I can think of where for the most part people won’t think twice about kids being a lounge/bar etc… I think your plan of popping in for a midday snack sounds like a good one to me!

I think kids are only allowed in Trader Sams before 8 pm. I was there at opening before my dinner reservation. I think I saw some but I had the rum flight so I may have altered memories.