Hollywood and Vine Disney Junior Lunch OR Sci-Fi Cafe?

We are heading back to Hollywood Studios and we are at a toss up on where to eat? We went last year and did the Disney Junior Lunch and while the food was fare, the excitement of the characters was great for our kids (then 3 and 5 year old girls). I am wondering if we should stick with the Disney Junior lunch or branch out and maybe try the Sci-fi cafe? Are the movies they show too scary for little girls at the cafe? Will the fun of being in a car and having a waitress in roller skates be enough fun compared to characters?

Sci-fi is incredibly fun. The films are very tame - rubbery outfits, UFOs on strings and hokey fun. I don’t think your little ones will be intimidated at all with anything on the screen.
Having said that, nothing beats the Disney Characters. Nothing.
Go with Disney Jr.
I love Sci-fi.

I say do both. I just brought my 5 year old to breakfast at H&V then dinner at Sci Fi. She loved the characters, so she said she’d choose that again, but scifi was fun too. After she saw the movie clips, we talked about how it was fake and then she was able to enjoy it more. If you are looking for a meal with conversation, than go with H&V, as scifi is dark and loud, so it’s hard to get the kiddos to stay focused.