Holidays in november

We have for sure decided to take a trip back to the park for Thanksgiving. I know its gonna be crazy. We are gonna do Wednesday and Thursday. Its the only chance we have to get away and see the park for the Holidays. my mom has never seen the resort for Christmas. I’m hoping with rope drop and maxpass we can make the best of it. If all else fails we can hop. Its not the lines that bother me so much, its that tight congested feeling I get when its too crowded. Maybe I’ll get lucky and everyone will stay home with their families for thanksgiving!! a girl can dream right? any body else doing or has done a thanksgiving trip?


We went the Sunday after thanksgiving 2 years ago and celebrated our family thanksgiving at CG. It was wonderful! That being said, we hit some crowds, but not that bad. We went in June just as school let out and that was insane. My advice for that is to get there both days way before rope drop. Find somewhere to get a breakfast to go and eat in line and enjoy the anticipation and excitement then tour for a few hours and take a break when it starts to get insanely crowded and go back to your room. Enjoy a leisurely lunch and maybe a siesta. Head back to the park when you are refreshed. During that peak time you would doubtfully get much done. Then close the place down. Went a few weeks ago and tried out MaxPass and that was a lifesaver! We are heading back in January and plan to use it again.

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Will also be coming Thanksgiving week. Expecting large crowds so watching to see if you get any tips or hints. Trying to go with a positive attitude and enjoy all we can regardless of the many people. Have a great trip!

We will be there from this Saturday through next Friday! I’m so excited! This will be our first trip at Thanksgiving, but we were at WDW during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. While there were definitely high crowds, I found them very manageable due to our great touring plans. Maybe I had my newbie blinders on, but I think back on our trip and only have positive memories.

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