Holidays 2019

Hi all! We are looking to stay 2 nights at Portofino and 5 nights in Epcot area 12/27-1/3. Would you stay at Universal first then go to Disney? We’ve only stayed at Disney at the holidays. Thanks!

I am staying at WDW first then moving to UOR purely because UOR takes less planning and is more relaxing.

I am afraid that going to Universal first with express pass will negatively influence your Disney experience. That being said, I think I would make sure I was in MK on the 30th and EP on the 31st.


Negatively effect it because the Express Pass is good? We’ve never been in Universal with the pass because we have just taken a day trip over from our Disney hotel. I should probably factor in bowl game watching for my husband!:joy:

It is like having a fast pass for everything! Plus, staying on-site and the resorts being so close really changes everything.

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Good to know! Thanks!!!

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