Holiday Wishes Times? Can't remember


OK forgive me....we've been to MVMCP the past few years but for the life of me can't remember what time Holiday Wishes is! Is it around 9 or 9:30?
Just yesterday I snagged an 'Ohana dinner res for 8:30 on the night we are not attending the party but it may work out nicely to see the fireworks from 'Ohana, we lucked out and that happened a few years ago, it was amazing! :christmas_tree::fireworks:


I have an 8:35 at Ohana also and wanted to know the same thing. Anyone know?


Touring plans has it listed at 9:30 the night we are attending the party. I know it is probably still unofficial. You should be able to check your specific date through the hours linked to the crowd calendar or the park hours for that day on your dashboard.