Holiday Wishes on Dec 30th?

Does anyone know if there is Holiday Wishes on Dec 30th? The only shows at the disney calendar right now are Celebrate the magic and the new year’s show. Is there a possibility they will update it?

I saw the calendar for last year and they did have holiday wishes that day.

I’m worried because i have a dining reservation at 7 - and I want to know if I should re schedule or not :frowning:


I thought they had the New Year’s Eve fireworks on the 30th and the 31st?

Last year they had both! :slight_smile:

So I’m wondering if they will have both this year too and what time will it be!

They haven’t even set November schedules yet so my guess is it will be a while until it is announced .

wow, really? Good to know! I might just keep my reservation for now then! Thanks! :slight_smile: